veggies or herbs in mostly shade?

rkgibbs3April 6, 2014

So, I'm not much of a flower gardener. I grow some non-edible plants, but I'm more of a....practical gardener? Functional gardener? Not sure what to call myself, hehe.

Basically, I prefer growing things that serve a purpose beyond just looking nice. I enjoy herb, veggie, and anything else that is edible type of gardening.

I've been trying to do some research on edible plants I can grow in containers and in mostly shade. My reason for this is because I'd like to have some plants liven up my front porch. My front porch only get about 2hrs of morning sun. From about 1 hr after sunrise is when it starts, and then last for about 2 hours. In the summer when the days are longer, the sunlight lasts a little longer. But to play it safe we'll say 2 hours, 3 max.

I found this list of shade tolerant edibles:

Any thoughts? Anything to add to the list, or anything you've tried and would take off the list?

Herbs can serve for medicine and/or culinary use. From my understanding, culinary herbs will not have as strong of a flavor if grown in the shade.

Some plants I can put on my porch steps and they'll get 3-6 hrs of sunlight since they won't be under the awning.

Oh, and the front porch faces the east, which is why it only gets sun a little after sunrise after the sun peaks up above the house & trees across the street.

Thanks for the help!

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I would consider that listing VERY generous in its estimation of what would do OK in 3 or less hours of sun. You can certainly get away with most of the greens (lettuce arugula, spinach, etc.) peas and a lot of the root crops. The problem with many root crops is that they do not do well in containers unless a good sized one with adequate depth.

I would skip pretty much all of the fruits and most of the herbs. These need sun to thrive and certainly to produce fruit. Ditto things like cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, yams. Just not happy in much less than full sun and not the easiest crops for containers either.

btw, ALL plants serve a purpose! They may not necessarily be edible to you but they all support some form of life or contribute to the environment in some way. And a whole lot of common flowers are completely edible. And can be grown easily in containers and in only part sun.

Here is a link that might be useful: edible flower listing

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

if you live in a hotter climate, then some things actually do better with some shade. I would try some herbs for sure. I have had really good luck with parsley and cutting celery in quite a bit of shade. But if you have them in pots, why not give it a shot? the worst thing that will happen is you'll see they're not doing well and you can move them to a sunnier spot. If you want some color and didn't care so much about purpose, that sounds like a great place for a few pots of coleus, maybe mixed in with some dusty miller and some purple queen and variegated spider plants. We do pots like that each spring and they are getting more popular every year because they are filling a need for people who have a porch like mine with not too much sun and wanting some pretty...

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