Right time to repot Meyer Lemon tree???

kev843(8)April 19, 2008

Hi everyone

Well I have had my tree for about a month now and I know it needs to be repotted because I can see some roots trying to come out of the drainage holes.

My tree has about 5 small lemons forming right now.

My question is can I repot while its in this active stage of growth?

I did this with my blueberries and they didnt like it.

Also is it too late to be repoting in my zone?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Both the blueberries & the lemon should be repotted before the spring growth push.

I find that most tropicals and subtropicals appreciate being repotted in the month before their most active growth, while most temperate plants usually appreciate repotting before the onset of the spring push.


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Thanx for the reply Al

Do you have any suggestions or do I just leave it untill the Fall/Winter?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Sorry, Kev - maybe I should back up a little. I draw a differentiation between 'repotting' & 'potting up', and I forget that others often don't make that distinction. To me, a repot includes root pruning and removal of all or a substantial portion of the soil, while potting up is simply putting the whole plant, roots, soil, and everything but the pot, in a larger container & filling in around the root mass with some fresh soil. You can do the latter (pot up) at any time, though spring is still best for the two plants you mentioned. The more extensive 'repot' should only be undertaken in the spring, except in emergency situations.


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Thanx once agin and sorry I didnt clarify.

When I Potted up my blueberries I disturbed the roots too much I think,thats why it didnt turn out so well.
Just got back from the store and got some natures helper soil conditioner,but it doesnt seem to just be made of pine bark like I wanted :-(
I guess the search continues LOL

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I repotted mine a week ago and it is doing great.

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Looks like my Meyer will get a new home tomorrow if I can find the right soil conditioner(100% pine bark) ;-)

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A little more information needed about the best time to repot/pot up. I just want to make sure I'm doing the best thing for my situation. My ML is 3 yrs old and about 3 ft tall. It has only produced about 6 mediocre fruit. I potted up when I first bought it with regular garden center potting soil. I've fed with miracle grow during the growing season. I have problems with yellowed leaves but all the new growth looks good. Last fall I pruned all the suckers. Now there is no loose soil left in the pot and there are those very tiny roots visible at the top of the plan. It is filled with blooms but most are not open yet. What do I do now? repot, pot up again, prune,change fertilizer, etc. Thanks all.

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tobybul2 - Zone 6 SW MI(6A)

I realize this is an old thread.... but I also just got a ML. Its in a one gal pot and is about 2 ft tall, looks very healthy. It has flowers and some fruits starting. it appears to be a bit root bound. I've had it inside the house for 2 weeks now and doing well. I've been wanting to repot but not sure what it will do to the plant. It is the middle of winter and been careful about watering too frequently. The plant is situated in south-facing windows so it gets a lot of light. I also have a Calamondine plant that I got at the same time.

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