Can I vent OT??? Feel free to join me!

hedgwytch(7)August 4, 2006

I am new to listing on Ebay...I had a lady interested in some things I had, but she wanted to buy them in a lot. So, after about 10 emails back and forth, I listed some in a lot, specifically for her. I can't do "Buy It Now" because I'm so new. Long story short, after doing all that, and having detailed conversations with her about what I was listing, what the date was, emailing her as soon as I listed, she decides she doesn't want it. I LISTED IT JUST FOR HER!!! GRRRR!!!! And, it's not that it was too expensive...she decided it was the wrong year-when she knew and requested the year I listed!! It is soooo frustrating!

I just feel like I've invested all this time and energy and money for nothing! Kind of like when I get stiffed on plant trades, I guess. >sighFeel free to use this as a sounding block for anything that is irritating you right now!

Thanks for listening! I feel much better now!


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Have you discovered For cases such as you mentioned, you could list it on Ioffer for free. Then if she doesn't want it, you've lost nothing. Ioffer also gives you a store for free once you've listed two items. It's automatically set up for you. Ioffer isn't nearly as busy as Ebay. Few people know about it. But listing is free and the gallery pic is free as well as the store. You only pay a commission (5% I think) when you sell.

It's best to list a price a little higher than you want so you have some negotiating room. It's not an auction, like ebay. You state what you want and people make you an offer. Then they can lump several items together and make an offer on the whole lot.

Try it. You've got nothing to lose but a little time.

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Don't let her get you down. Who knows, maybe someone else will bid on the listing. You never know what someone will be searching for.

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Oooh! I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the info!

Pam-I know! It's just so frustrating! I'll stick it out a little longer. Thanks!

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