Looking for Jen Frazier

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)August 8, 2007

Hey Jen...am not ignoring you...computer is alll crapped up...not sure if I even have protection on it at the moment....whine.

I have tried to email you repeatedly, and my Hotmail craps out on me b4 I can complete it...I fear maybe something quite bad. I am getting high speed Fri (local broadband wireless, so it 'will' indeed work', and I hope then to be able to get this thing cleaned up/protected, and/or all reloaded with Dells' help.

Below is a list of the daylilies I am quite certain of, since a lot were lost.


Wounded Heart-a favorite with vivid orange!

Prairie Blue Eyes


Daring Delema (sp)

Dewberry Candy

Pumpkin Pudding-Vivid!

Pink Lavender Appeal-rec in trade-cannot verify due to computer woes

Olympic Gold-Vivid!

That's pretty well it.

LMK what you think...The ground is hard as a rock here, so I will have to give it a soaking b4 digging. Hopefully I can send early next week if we can connect and get together on what you might like. Please also see my list...it is in need of some updating.

Sue...sorry to have been sooooo long about this...email and computer is such a mess. I tried repeatedly this AM to email you and had to push the button on the computer numerous times to get it unfroze and rebooted. Grrrrrrrr

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jen_frazier(z7 TX)

Hello Sue,
Sorry about your c omputer problems - i wish you luck getting it fixed soon!

I would like any of these daylillies to finish our trade!

Will email you also!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Jen, I got your email...and what you picked is fine. I plan to mail early next week. I fear emailing anyone due to computer problems and the possibility of sending someone something bad.

I just got new high speed hooked up, and the first order of business is cleaning things up and getting some good protection downloaded and working. It is gonna be so great to have a computer that doesn't freeze, lock up, etc...besides being fast. Woohoo!

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