irritating also

Zophra(z6 NJ)August 13, 2009

I do not have alot...I know this. Yet I am nonplussed at trading memebers web pages where they are offer - say ditch lilies and honeysuckle along with 5 other common plants and yet have these massive extensive - all named "want lists." I am a bit stunned when an experienced gardener lists a rare named trade and someone offers in exchange some common plant. I realy think that there should be two trading forums - One for named cultivars for extensive list gardeners and another for unnamed gardeners who are just starting to aquire plants. I am sorry for all you who have to put up with "newbees" who have no idea how much work and money you have put into your named lists and are hoping for cheap/ free handouts.

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I think it just all goes with the territory. It can be annoying sometimes, but we all started somewhere. And there comes a time when something I once thought was a "rare" plant has become a nuisance or just not quite as special as I used to think it was. When I first got into ponding, I thought chameleon plant was a most incredible plant. Now that it's escaped my pond, however, it's got to go.

And sometimes those of us with named plants (in my case, daylilies) are happy to trade for other unnamed perennials that may seem common to one person, but may be much desired for my gardens. What's common in one area may not be common in my area. I've seen a lot of plants that are considered native in Virginia or California but I've never seen them in my area. Take Mexican Petunia (Ruellia Brittonia) for instance. In some parts of the country, it's a weed. Around here, it's an unusual plant and I'm so happy to have traded for it.

Believe it or not, a few years ago, a wonderful trader traded me lots of beautiful peonies for lots of my ditch lilies. He wanted them for a spot that kept eroding. A trader in CA sent me lots of named irises for all the ditch lilies I could fit in a box, again for erosion purposes.

I appreciate your understanding of the plight of more experienced gardeners. But at the same time, we all start somewhere and we have our dreams. The best thing is for each trader to be specific in his/her trade post to help eliminate unnecessary offers, such as saying NO SASES to prevent those who would ask.

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I grow a number of rare and uncommon plants. If I'm posting a trade and know I don't want common items offered in exchange I put that in the post.

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crueltyfre(Tampa 9a heat 10 sunset 26)

My weeds here in tropical Florida are highly sought after "rare" things to those of you in the north, and vise versa. I've gone to abandon lots and pulled up "weeds" here and mailed them to grateful GardenWebbers...and it wouldn't surprise me to know that others have done that for me. So I stick anything I have, or can get my hands on, from neighbors or roadsides, on my list, lol. Anyone need any stink vine?

What peeves me is those asking for things that every Home Depot or Wal-mart in the country sell for less than the postage to mail it.

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Im agreeing but all you can do is laugh heheheh.. Member pages want lists look like they were copied from an index in a catalog and the have list looks like a roadside ditch and not a southern ditch either. SOme ditches have nice plants don't want to offend anyone lol. Some don't even have a 'have list'. But all you can do is laugh hehehe to keep your sanity. I was contacted by a member I offered to send for postage and give some hints to help bolster their have list for little or no money. They didn't want to hear the hints... I got excuses and I still haven't even been told they received the plants for postage or even a thank you or anything or hey how about "I just wanted to let you know I received the free plants but they suck" Like I said all you can do is laugh hehehehhe.

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dont worry about what you don't have!! LOL i noticed one day when i was looking at the kansas wild flowers that most of the flowers were what i was looking to get from other traders!! LOL they were here in my own back yard "somewhere"!! LOL how crazy is that?? **grin** what irritates me, is when i look at a list and see nothing, no haves, no wants, nothing, they want to trade, "ohhh, i'll take anything!!" hey, i have some thistle, some poison ivy, and while i'm at it, i have some grasses ya might like, quack grass- ya can't kill it! a lady taught me a very nice lesson! i was a newbie and i wasn't specific, so she sent me mostly vines, she was onery!! **grin** i thanked her anyhow, and left a nice review, but the point was to teach me. i dislike having to ask, well, what do ya like "everything" ERRRRR!!!!! i agree with eveyone else, so its not what you don't have, its what you do have, now, i like common things. i used to LOVE rare things! but now, i love simple things mostly! - notice i said mostly **big smile** LOL ~medo

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Hi - I agree with medo. But, what gets me is when someone asks you for a trade and they have not even bothered to fill out there trade page haves and wants list. And , so you wait and wait for them to send you there list.....
And , I feel like if you really are a plant person you would at least have a couple things on your list.
Or how about, someone asks for a trade and gets you all excited. So, you get the plants dug and ready to package. Then, you never hear back from them. Just my two cents. Thanks - tina_2

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I usually don't bother with a response to anyone who doesn't have their trade list filled out. And if they have their email hidden, forget it. I have the box checked to get responses emailed to me. If they don't want to show their email addy's, how are you supposed to contact them?
lol - must be a full moon, I'm full of pet peeves - lol

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I'm not sure why it bothers people so much if a member doesn't have a want/have list posted. I've never posted a list because it's too much of a PITA to keep updated. I realize that it makes it easier but I'll just send someone a list of what I currently have available when trying to set up a trade.

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I know it can be a pain for some people to keep up a trade list. I'm so busy myself! and mine really isn't up to date. It would be nice if people write "list of plants available on request" or some thing similar.
It would be even better to have a wish list or a general wish list of kinds of plants you like. That way I could know if I have the type of plants the trader is interested in. I often pass up people without a wish list when they post. I'll see "have such and such", and then look to see what the trader is interested, and nothing is there. I really can't come up with a list off the top of my head of things the trader might like since I've got nothing to base it on.

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Zophra(z6 NJ)

well, thank you for your intereting comments! In some ways I feel a bit chastised, in other ways, a bit vinidicated. Overall, I still think gardeners are just the nicest, most generous people out there!

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I didn't even know about the want/have lists until recently. Over a year ago I was drawn in by the Garden Junk forum, and joined GW. When I discovered the trade forums, I was so excited! But I still was unaware of the existence of the lists. I had to ask in one of the trade forums, and a very kind lady (waves to Connietn) responded and gave me directions on where and how to make my lists.
I have to say this sentence hurt my feelings a bit:
"I am sorry for all you who have to put up with "newbees" who have no idea how much work and money you have put into your named lists and are hoping for cheap/ free handouts."
I am kind of new to GW, but have spent the last 20 years working at my gardens. I probably don't have anything rare, as I am a budgeted gardener. But I am happy to share what I've got, and am grateful to those wonderful gardeners who feel the same way. :)

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wishnforspring(z5 Upstate NY)

I agree with the No wants,haves lists when you go to a page- it's a waste of my time and frustrating.I have had some ask for plants for postage after I had responded to another trader that I had what they wanted. I sent them the plants for postage just because I needed the room and wanted that plant gone! So I guess it's how you look at it-pros and cons and if you have the patience and time to wait for the postage and are willing to dig.
I also know that life gets in the way and emails get lost or we all have good intentions of "getting back to each other" with lists. I am guilty but also human. My solution is if you email the trader 1-2 times without a response then either your email went into spam or they don't want to trade. I had a request from 2007 just last week! DELETED!!
I tend to trade with a select few and have kept a eye on certain GWers that have a lot of posts and little or no responses-a clue to me to avoid potential disappointment.

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