Asphalt Milling under picnic area?

maggie_berry(z6CT)January 12, 2011

I have a large picnic area with seven picnic tables and a round buffet table. The problem are 1.The area was cut from the woods, therefore, I am always fighing nature. 2. The land slopes from the house downward toward the picnic tables. Before you reach the tables from the edge of the grass to the part cut into the woods. I spread 3/4 inch grave to help control weeds and I thought at the time it look good and it was cheap and that is what it looks like good and cheap 3. Children have trouble walking on it and women with small dainty shoes have trouble walking on it. 3. The total area is about 60 feet by 60 feet. Halve gravel have "wood mulch soil" and I can not use pavers because the slope is to steep and even if I raised the area up with a retaining wall, pavers are to expensive. So, What would you use? I am thinking about asphalt millings but I don't want to make more problems. Thank You for reading all of this.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Hi, maggie_berry. I'm not certain exactly how this is arranged. Where exactly is the gravel?

Is it around the picnic tables? A path through the woods to the picnic area? Something else?

If the area is half gravel and half "wood mulch soil," are the soil/mulch and gravel mixed together, or are different areas different materials? And if the latter, how are the areas divided? For instance, is there a central table area which is all gravel, surrounded by a circle of mulch/soil? Or is there a gravel path from the woods to the middle of the tables, with mulch/soil under the tables?

Also, is it sharp gravel or pea gravel that people are having difficulty walking on?

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The gravel is about four inches thick of sharp 3/4 inch granite. I paid someone to spread it and compact it in about a 60 x 60 square area. the area starts at the lawn area and slopes down ward into the woods ending just before the picnic tables start. The picnic tables are on dirt. the dirt is the natural woodland bottom of leaves and mulch. When it rains the dirt splashes onto the legs and bottom of the tables and must be washed before they can be used. The tables can not go on the gravel because the slope that the gravel is on is just noticible enough to make the tables appear to slope down hill. The areas between the gravel and the dirt is only visually divided.
I am searching everwhere for a photo. I hope to post one today. (Right now the area is under 2 feet of New England show. )Please, Please check back.

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I found some photos!!! I am trying to find a few more.

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