What do you do about a box of dead plants?

hedgwytch(7)August 7, 2006

Received a trade I've been waiting over 2 weeks on. They finally arrived today, and they have literally turned to dust. All the leaves fell apart when I took them out. Completely dry roots. I am just SICK! Even the stalks are shriveled and broken. And these were pretty hardy plants...mostly echinaceas. I've got them soaking in a tub of water, but they're all floating on top like dry twigs - which they are! I emailed them and told them what the condition was. I haven't heard back yet.

I know there's really nothing I can do but pout. :o( I guess I just wanted y'all to make me feel better!

Anyone care to start? ;o)


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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

I would be upset too. When did they ship them? (How many days in transit) and what method of shipment? I would be really upset too. Trading is a lot of digging plants and packing and getting them to the post office. I know it's a lot of work for me and I want to get a nice trade in return.

More details would help decide if it was just the hot weather, or maybe a lack of proper shipping method??

Sorry to hear this sad news.

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Thanks Maureen. Just hearing some sympathy makes me feel better! It was shipped Priority on 8/4, so not long at all. They were sent from a similar zone, that hasn't been as hot. The weather hasn't been terribly hot here, and they were wrapped in dry newspaper and plastic bags. When I opened it I just felt like crying!


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Know the feeling! Had two boxes last year that had obviously been 'sitting' for days/weeks before being posted.
I had sent out plants that cost a lot more to post than what it had cost the sender to send me their box. And in return, all I got was exactly like what you have now!
My sympathies to you.

Dry newspaper! The roots should have been encased at least with damp paper towel and then wrapped in the likes of saran wrap!

Email the sender again and ask nicely if they would replace the plants - at their cost.

If there is still no further reply or they refuse to, then send them another email clearly stating that you will file a complaint with U.S.P.S. Fraud as well as the IC3


I've given up trading now. Also what got me was being sent wrong plants and seeds i.e. sent calidium for lily-of-the-valley; zinnas for hibiscus etc etc.

Now it's either free for postage [must be pre-paid and includes delivery confirmation] or goes in the burn hole.

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You said you waited a couple weeks...Perhaps they were dug and boxed up, but not shipped for several days. ??? I'm sure that must've been the case with a trade I received once. I suspected they either forgot to mail it or just didn't take the time after they got it boxed up.
Perhap your box went through some hot weather on the way there. It's supposed to be over 100 here today in Missouri. I won't be trading for awhile. : (

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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

HW, sounds like they were not freshly dug prior to shipping to you.

I think you should email the person and tell them you received dead plants. Did you plants receive them in good condition at the same time?

If someone emailed me they got dead plants, I would replace them -- but then again, I have never shipped plants that weren't fresh.

Sorry to hear this news, 99 pct of my trades have been beautiful and healthy.


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Well, they are supposed to send replacements next month. The quality of what the plants would have been, if they had been alive, weren't that great, either, Just tiny pieces. I spent almost $9, and their box cost $5. I mean, I probably would have been better off just buying one plant at the nursery, but I love getting trades! It's like Christmas. I can't imagine that they sent them bone dry. They had to have been dug before. I mean, it's been hotter here than where the trader's at, and less humidity here, so the ones I mailed would have been in worse shape, I would think. I did explain about proper packing, maybe it was just not understanding how to do it, but I wish they would have asked! I'm hoping that Christmas will come early in September, but we'll see.

I'm done with plant trades for the year, though! Unless, they really know how to pack! If you pack correctly, plants will be perfectly fine in triple digits, as long as they're shipped Priority and not left out waiting on you. I don't consider the weather a good excuse. Now, too hot or rainy to dig, of course, but not to ship. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've never had any problems with it.

Thanks for the moral support! It's great to have a place to vent about lost plants and bad trades where people understand, and don't look at you like you've got 3 heads! Or, if they do, at least you can't see them! LOL!


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dustydigger(z4/5 NY)

Back when I traded if I was trading with someone new and they were not sure how to package the plants I'd tell them to wait and get mine and follow my lead. Seemed to work. Then 2 years ago.. many trades were on the sucky side.. and stiffers were running rampant.... now I either just don't have time, or have trouble finding things I don't have already. So instead of paying postage I just order the newer varieties... and at that, I haven't bought one plant this year! back to the time thing.

Hope the next box is better for you!


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Well, they did wait, 2 weeks after I sent mine. I think there are certain things that I just need to get locally...like anything with a tender root system! Maybe I should just stick to tubers/bulbs/rhizomes for receiving. That's okay, I like those kinds of plants!

I think it was a combination of bad judgment and maybe being new? They have been here longer than I have, but I pass plants back and forth with family and friends all over the country. Have been for years. So, I guess they hadn't shipped as much. Or, maybe they got busy and forgot the box of plants on the table. Who knows??? We'll see if I get anything in September. Hopefully, I will, and they'll be great. I did take pictures, though. Just in case.


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The same thing happened to me my first year of trading here. Not once but twice. One person never made good, but the other person did, after over a year of pestering her. Good luck! I know how disappointing it is!

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