Suggestions for planting under picture window

cploverJanuary 20, 2011

Hi! I am new to the garden forum, as I have been hanging out a lot at the kitchen forum. My DH and I bought this house 2.5 years ago and want to replace the three bushes that are located under the picture window. However, we are not sure what to replace them with. Our gas meter is in front of the house (behind far left bush) and DH would like to hide as much of the foundation as possible. Info that maybe helpful--The tree in front is a magnolia and then we have the large pine to the right of that and behind the pine is a red bud. The house faces east.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks again!

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I don't know if your place be cold in winter,I add my Buffalo friend evergreen rock,juniper,conifer...maybe you select:

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looks like the walkway defines the bed. with pine tree and magnolia indicator, go with something low maintenance. jap maple, blood good, something low growing, goldthread cypress, hydrangea, compact holly or boxwood, perrenial arrangements, magnus coneflower, lavender, etc...

Here is a link that might be useful: Lafayette Landscape & Construction, Inc.

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Thanks Lafayetteri! Your advice and link is much appreciated!

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karinl(BC Z8)

Wow, you had bad luck with this thread, first you get the crazy Chinese guy and then you get someone who just wants to flog his company and gives you a bunch of random plant names to make it sound credible.

Well, maybe there's still hope.

I guess what I'd like to ask is why you want to replace the bushes. If you want to hide the foundation anyway, you may well have the best solution already in place. Granted, landscape shrubs do outlive/outgrow their spots, so maybe they've grown badly, are sucking up too much water, what have you, but if that's the case, just replace them with more of the same.

I can't see too much on this photo, it's too small and taken from too far away (though it's good to have one overall shot), but it seems to me that if you put in stuff that is more sprawling, whether evergreen or deciduous, you may end up with a mass of greenery blocking your exit.

In summary, I kind of like the little hedge where it is, but what I don't like so much is the darker bit of hedgey stuff off to the right, in front of the door. Do you need that there, or do you like your door to be a bit hidden?

If you have a photo that shows the area better, that might help.


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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

I like to have evergreen shrubs for foundation planting. Deciduous don't work in the winter. I also like the shrubs to grow up a little in front of the window so as to bring the color into the room and soften the window lines from outside. With that in mind the shrubs have to be able to be trimmed so your view won't be blocked. Flowers would be as real asset.
Since I'm not in your zone, I can't give you any plant recommendations. :-(

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