it just me?

gerry_wyomingpa(z6)September 1, 2007

I have received several responses to trades, not just this round, but also earlier in the year, but it seems that I get nothing after that. I have E-mailed back and not received responses. I am on Comcast, is that maybe posing a problem with mail I send out?

Anyone else have this problem?


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I don't think the email system here at GW always works properly.
Many times emails never get to their destination.

Maybe that's what's happened?


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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Instead of using the GW mail form, it's best to cut-n-paste the person's email addy into your own email system. If the person doesn't have their email addy viewable, then it may be "dead in the water".

Maybe this is what was happening?

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some, not all, gw mail will go to my 'delete' folder. i have to constantly check it before i clean that folder out. i have never figured out why only some respondants end up in the trash?!

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Gerry, I e-mailed you about a posting on August 25th but never heard back from you. Now I'm thinking maybe you didn't receive my e-mail? Actually I left a post on your posting so if you e-mailed me from that I never received that one either. Just thought you were ignoring me! ~~Janie

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sherryrug(z5 KS)

I haven't traded for a lot of years because of bad trades, but now I am giving it another try, but never seem to get responses from offers. I tried to send an e-mail to myself through GW and it didn't go through. I thought traders were ignoring me because I don't have a history of recent trades.

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it seems to me that a ton of people have trouble with the gw email system....I always try to post on the thread, and send out an email. even when I do get emails thru gw, I cannot respond to them...I have to go back to GW and re email the person,so now i have been trying hard to write down everything, even more than what i was before, its a pain...but I dont want to get a bad name fo not responding.

Is there anyway to contact GW, and we can all ask them to work on the emial not working right ? just a thought..

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I have had so much trouble with GW email that I'm not even useing it anymore. When I have a SASBE offer I tell everyone who responds to post on the thread and then send an email to my private address. When I receive their email all I have to do is hit reply and send my mailing address. I create a folder in Outlook for each GW member where I put all emails. If they don't send me an email they don't get my address. I also keep a list on paper of each persons GW name, email address, the date they responded and a list of seed they requested in case my computer dies. It makes it easier for me to do it this way. The days of me trying to track someone down because their email is blocked or because GW email is not working are over.

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jkunkel(zone 7)

Nobody seems to be getting my emails either, and ive been trying to trade with someone for a week now, and it seems like we are just playing garden web tag! The weather is turning cold and I don't know how much longer ill be able to dig. This is my first time trying to trade with someone, but im just getting so frustrated im about to give up!

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aunt_lou(Z5 OH)

Me too. Was working on a trade and we were making our final choices of each others stuff and I had sent her my address but was never able to get hers. Sent her a couple of e-mails but no more response. Either they did not go through or I offended her in some way. I hope that I did not offend. And now, up here in OH, it is getting almost too late to trade. Don't know what happened.

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annette_1964(z8 SC)

Me too, having trouble with people responding to my emails regarding trades that they responded to. They say they want the plants, but never follow through and do not let me know. One trade recently, I had the plants boxed up ready to go and realized she had not sent me her address. No response to my emails. She first contacted me about a trade, so what is happening.

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kerai(z8 SC)

Happens to me too - people respond, send couple of emails and then don't bother to communicate at all. I wonder how long I need to wait before offering the plants to someone else!
It would be nice if people take one extra minute to let me know if they change their mind.

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For me I've been getting alot of bad trades so I've just been saying not now to alot of people. Had a few trades with people that had alot of rules like "make absolute sure you are 100% sure of the plant id" and then found out what they sent me what not even close to what they said they were sending. Like walking yellow iris that were supposed to be named canna's, or a canna sent instead of a pink velvet banana, etc. Or I pack a box full and end up spending close to $20 to mail and they send me back a slip of a plant that I have to nurse along for months and that costs under $4 to send to me. And I won't even bother to mention the people that communicate perfectly until they get your box, then fall off the face of the earth.

Don't get me wrong, I love GW and trading. But after a few back to back bad trades, sometime it's just time to take a little break.

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i too have sent responses and e-mails to fellow members and not heard back.
as for bad trades, i'm new but have been thoroughly overwhelmed at the generosity and niceness of the people that have sent me stuff- i have mainly traded for postage-being so new. thank you all again!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

mac62, Shelly

You have no email link on your member page, thus no way to readily email you.

It makes it so much nicer if a member is able to 'reply' to an email,,,which they cannot do if you email via GW the way you are set up.

To set up your email to be the most accessible and safe, just go to the bottom on any page here, and click on Member Pages
Then click on Edit your Personal Information, Page, and Preferences
You will then probably be asked to login in again.
Once there, set the drop down box to Show my email address to MEMBERS
And then check the box Allow other users to send you email via forms at our site.

That will place a link on your member page, and will also show your email address to anyone you email about a trade. Your actual email addy will not appear on your page or on any or your posts. It will only be seen on the actual GW emailing form, and if the GW email is not working, one can get your email addy and email you privately (non GW).

While there editing, you may want to fill in your state abbreviation. It goes in the one box along with the garden zone.

Happy Gardening and trading.


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