confused ? bark,pine bark

boston3381(7)April 5, 2011

i a little confused abought these mixes i keep reading abought?

just abought all the mixes have some type of bark in them. i thought any type of bark or mulch whould give you to much acidic in the soil??

are you off setting it with lime or something else??

are you useing aged pine bark?

are you getting this bark from home depot or lowes?

i have alot of perennials that are going into 1 gal. pots and thinking of adding bark to the mix instead of straight soil mix...

thank you for any help

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

B - May I suggest you read through a post about container soils? It will explain why a highly aerated soil based on pine bark is easier to grow in and offers superior opportunity for plants to grow as near their genetic potential as possible, within the limiting effects of other cultural factors.

Bark is generally less acidic than peat, and both bark & peat-based soils are commonly amended with dolomitic (garden) lime to both adjust pH and as a Ca/Mg source.

If you have any additional questions, you can ask there or here. Someone familiar with using bark-based soils will help you.


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