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snyder(5---Ia)September 19, 2006

I sent a box of garden Mag. and candles last Nov for a trade for some rooted butterfly bush. Some of the candles were home interior, and it cost me over 9.00 to send it to Ca. Never did receive any thing in return. Guess you know they are on my list.

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For me it was IA. It wasn't you though. But its been since December/January.

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I guess this means they won't be getting a Christmas card from you this year.... ;)

Did you write them? I once stuck the wrong label on a packgage but fortunately caught it before I mailed it out.

This is unrelated, but a few weeks ago I received a book I had ordered from Amazon. Upon opening the box I saw a second box inside. The second box likely contained a CD and it was addressed to someone in another city. It even had the UPS postage on it but it somehow got stuck in with my book.

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I had a trade from Ca. that never sent their end.
Emailed them a number of times over a 4 month period. Each time they said they were sorry but this or that was going on and they would send it right away. It never showed. The last time I emailed them I got no response at all.
Luckily, I've had a lot of real good trades and it's helped make up for the few bad ones. I'm keeping a list too.

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I am sorry to hear about that, Snyder. I have no doubt you tried to contact the person. Shipping is expensive especially with plants.
It is difficult to see a non sender disappear for awhile after a bout of not sending & show up again on these forums. There was a trader awhile back on the seed exchange who was really bad about not sending 3 years ago. That person changed her GW name, & when I found out her real name I shrieked a real big "Yikes!" It does help to keep a list.
Things do get lost in the mail, but if I know a package has not been received or did not travel well I try & correct it.

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

My very best flowers I got at Iowa plant swap. I haven't traded for a while.Because of people not sending their end of the deal. And also my trade list -got deleted or something but it's gone.

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The GW was having severe technical problems several months back after making some server and other technical changes and a number of members lost their trade lists. I think they were able to restore some when the members brought it to their attention.

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I did a trade last year with someone who was very late sending their end of the trade but I finally did get it. One of the plants wasn't what it was supposed to be but since it was one I didn't have I let it go. The same person however, has continued to do the same thing to people. The person has listed other trades when they still hadn't sent their end of quite a few others. The ones who didn't get their trades were posting asking what happened to theirs and were given the response of lots of things going on that were not expected had put them behind and acted outraged that someone would think that they were not good for their end. If you can not fulfill what you have already promised then don't post for more trades until you get those out. If you do then you deserve a dressing down in my opinion! If you can fill those trades do it with what you promised when you promised.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

With the new Rate and Review Exchanges Forum, one can now post who disappointed or stiffed them.

I 'think' there may be some traders that don't always disappoint, but who do it sometimes...a good thing to know.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rate Exchanges

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