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Lauren_StL(z5/6 Mo)September 2, 2006


I've been watching this forum for the last few months -I'm normally over in perennials. I have 3 good sized hydrangea shrubs that I need to move - they're too borderline here in my zone - probably should be more of a sure "6". Anyways, I've never traded plants through the mail and as I've watched this forum, the hydrangeas being traded are cuttings. Well these are probably 2 feet tall and just as wide. Can I trade them? Or are they too big? And how do you mail them? I'm just stumped. I want to participate, but I don't know how... Sorry for what are probably obvious questions - I read the FAQs, but are still a little unsure. I'd appreciate any advice.


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I have a huge hydrangea bush, I wanted to put it in another spot so I just dug it up and moved it. If it was me, I would cut it back (it will be okay, I know 'cause when I first moved to this place my hubby kept mowing mine down 'cause he thought it was a giant weed) of course if it one of the types that blooms on old wood, you need to warn traders not to expect it to bloom for two seasons. Dig it up, wash all the dirt off the roots, wrap the roots in damp newspaper (I think paper towels would not do the job for those type of roots) then wrap plastic securely around the roots (make sure it is around roots and only a little bit up the stem, or it won't arrive in too good of shape) a plant is never too big to trade, but you might not like the shipping prices on something like that, I would put them in a flat rate box for 8.00, hydrangeas stems can be bent somewhat too, of course again you need to warn the trader of this. what kind of hydrangeas do you have and what do you want to trade for them?

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daisy_me(Z6b IL)

Or you can trade them to someone locally.....and depending on which hydrangeas they are maybe we need to talk. ;-)

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Lauren_StL(z5/6 Mo)

Thanks micke and daisy. As far as what I want to trade them for, I'm not sure. I want some chartreuse colored hostas, but I'm not a collector of them, so I don't even know what names to ask for. I also love oak leaf hydrangeas - I've killed two that I've bought by watering them too much, but want to give it another shot. Anyways I'm not sure what I want to trade for so I guess I just post what I have and wait and see?? That seems to be what others do.

And Daisy, the types that I need to trade are Royal Purple and Alpenglow. If either one of you are close to St. Louis (obviously where I am based on my screen name), let me know and maybe it would be an easier trade.

Thanks again for your help.

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hi ....

just my two cents --

Contact Master Gardeners near you
Check out a local Farmer's Market or a small Nursery

You may find someone to take your bushes to plant where they can be in a protected area.

A non-windy protected place near a fence, up against the house works for almost-zone bushes, especially if they are surrounded by other bushes.

good luck.

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