Lettuce stalled

jemsister(7)April 29, 2014

I planted leaf lettuce a while back, and it seems to have stalled. The plants are about 2 inches tall (the leaves spread out, so taller if you hold them up, if that makes sense). Anyway, I planted them in a vegetable potting mix, so hypothetically they should be well fed, but now I'm wondering--should I feed them? They sprouted March 23, but we have had a LOT of rain, very little sun, and temps in the 50s most of the month. This week it's supposed to get up to 85. Could all the rain have washed too many nutrients out of the soil? They were planted alongside radishes also, if that has any relevance.

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Very little sun sounds like the problem. Watch out now for too much heat if the weather changes too rapidly. Al

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