queensinfoApril 18, 2012

I posted this to the fruit forum but no replies, so i will give it a shot here. I planted 25 bareroot seascape strawberries in window boxes 3-4 weeks ago. The plants all have 3-5 large leaves and have been putting out some flowers. I know that I am supposed to pinch them off in the beginning (and runners too, although i havent seen any of those yet). How long should i keep pinching off flowers? end of april? mid may?

Also, when pinching off flowers do i pinch off each individual flower head or the whole stem (which looks like it has 4-7 other little flowers in various stages of development).


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sanctified(Zone 5)

I have planted strawberries for the first time this spring and didn't know to pinch off the flowers. I hope we get some good details here.

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susan2010(6 Massachusetts)

My understanding is that picking off blooms is something people do during the first year to establish a strawberry patch. I don't believe it is useful for strawberries in containers. The biggest drawback is that you won't get any fruit. I plant them in baskets and consider them an annual (i.e. replanted every year).

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Hi there,
I've been growing strawberries going on 4 years now and never pinched off flowers. I started with one plant and now have about 60 that I generated from potting the runners.

After berries are harvested, I mark the plants that were most productive and keep those runners for next year.

These plants are very hardy and pretty easy. Good luck with your plants

Here is a link that might be useful: My gardenblog

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