container garden: plants look burnt. help!

ErinKVdonckApril 29, 2012

Hi guys,

I have a container garden on my balcony. I live in Central Florida, second floor, and my plants get about 5-7 hours of sun a day. I water regularly, and always check the soil first to make sure I'm not over watering. Over the last two weeks all of my plants went from absolutely thriving, to really struggling.

The leaves look yellow, thin, and burnt (like someone held a match to them). They are dying off, and I'm not sure why. I tried using Miracle Grow fertilizer about every other day, but saw absolutely no improvement at all.

It has been really hot here lately, and the humidity has been high as well. What could be causing my poor plants to burn? And how do I save them?

Thank you for ANY help!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Here is where you'll likely find your answer: "I tried using Miracle Grow fertilizer about every other day". Plasmolysis is the technical term, fertilizer burn the common.


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