Best All Around Wicking Mix For SWC

suburbangardenMD(7)April 27, 2012

I all set to get a mixin', but had a thought and wanted some opinions. We humans tend to overthink things, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse, with so many mix recipes and variations tailored to climate, plant, etc., is there an all around base mix that anyone would recommend as a starting point?

Raybo has the 3:2:1 ( 3:3:2 I believe for peppers ), there is the 2 parts peat moss, 1 part compost, drizzling of lime and epsom from Larry Hall ( AKA the Minnesotakid ! ), and a few others I have run across on here and elsewhere.

I am going with the 3:2:1 as my base, but cant resist adding a little VC since I have three bins going. last year I used straight MG potting mix, no moisture control and it seemed to work ok...plants lived but as new to SWC guy...and a guy who tends to skip the directions and believe the marketing on the MG bag I didn't add fertilizer, just a foliar spray with a compost tea mix, the plants sputtered along.

Any thoughts on what would be the simplest base mix to recommend to friends, family, and neighbors thinking of using a SWC?

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Buy ready made SWC mix from Garden Supply. Or 50:50 peat and perlite.

Then make adjustments based on climate, container depth, and plants.

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vegetable container garden
gutter system
larry hall
40 , 4 gallon buckets
3 pine bark
3 peat moss
2 pearlite
6 cups lime
2 cups epsom salt
2 cups osmocote
from all the input ive read here this is my mix,
any comments would be helpful.
thanks in advance

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

3-2-1, peat, pine bark, perlite worked for me 2 years in a row for a 5 gal bucket SWC. I think I added 2 cups of lime and 1 cup of fertilizer on top per the global buckets video on youtube.

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Sphagnum Peat Moss is the magic that makes SWC work, I have grown in it straight before but tomatoes are so vigorous they would probably grow in anything. I had so much trouble finding a potting mix locally that had the 70% peat as suggested by EarthBox that I ended up adding half Peat to purchased potting mix. Recently, my local Home Depot began stocking Promix HP which works great.

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