Concerned about Nigella

jaceysgranny(7aAR)October 26, 2006

Has anyone seen or heard from Nigella/Margaret since Katrina? I have thought of her a lot and wondered if she made it through alright. I don't believe I've seen her post since then.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I haven't seen many if any posts from her for quite a while.

In doing a search on all forums (and getting a lot of results due to the flower named nigella) I see she posted on Jan 5th...06...b4 so many had technical problems Jan 6th.

Here is a link to a post at steamy Alabama, so she did make it through the storm.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nigella's Jan post

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

She stopped posting in January, when the site was having lots of technical problems and a number of racy in-your-face ads were appearing often. She was a regular on Name that Plant, which I frequent, and posted this message on January 5:

It was nice to have known you all
Posted by dragonfly_eyes deep south (My Page) on Thu, Jan 5, 06 at 22:25

I have loved this site, I have endorsed it to friends old and new, given it my support in both money and time. Come to love it beyond all sanity, it was where my friends lived!

Because of the troubles with the site today I have been seeing what visitors to this site see. I am dumbfounded. How could you take a perfect, beautiful, rare piece of virtual architecture as GW had and vulgarize it so completely? To me it's tatamount to turning the Guggenheim Museum into a tatoo parlor/strip club/lingerie modeling/adult book store.

This site was a "family friendly" site at one time. A place where you would feel comfortable allowing your 10 year old to learn about growing tomatoes or an african violet. What I just witnessed, both the imagery as well as the text, is not family friendly.

I was so proud of my member page on this site, it was my "web masterpiece". It said something about me and about the quality I thought GW was about. I am beyond ashamed now that anyone could possibly associate me with a site that stoops to that level.

When I can sign back on under my usual user name I will be removing everything concerning me from this site. It has become an unrecognizable, embarrassing albatross.

To Spike, whom I miss more than I can possibly say:

I wish you were here. I told you it would be bad.

Your friend, in the Garden,

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dustydigger(z4/5 NY)

Glad she is okay... too bad she left(but don't blame her). She was very generous with her plants.


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Thanks for letting me know Sue and Susan. I feel almost the same way she does about it. It's just not the same. Even this conversation forum used to have something new going most of the time and now there are not many "conversations" at all.

Hi Dusty, how are you and all your bunch doing. Much better I hope. I've read a few posts of yours but just haven't been saying much lately. Do you ever just get into a quiet period where you read or listen and don't feel like adding much? lol I guess that's been me. Congratulations on getting your shop going. I hope you are doing a booming business! And as for being very generous with plants it seems I remember getting a humongous box from you girl! Thanks again for that box. Can't thank you for the plants you know. ;-)


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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

I just saw her post in one of the forums under the Nigella name. I think it might have been in the Houseplant forum.

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dustydigger(z4/5 NY)

Oh now Nancy! No need thanking me for a "box" lol I know what you mean about just lurking... thats what I do most of the time.. mainly because thats all I tend to have time for unless it's summer when I am slower. The Flower shop is doing very well. I celebrated my one year anniversary last month( big grin).
Summers are slow so I can post more. But still no time to trade and I'm working on gardens here at the shop, so anything from home I've been bringing down here. It's been a warm fall... so I've had a lil more time but the past 2 weeks I have been swamped... and now getting ready for T-Day...
I have my Christmas room set up.. so that was good... Got some great antiques in here the past couple of weeks so went into a frenzy re-arranging the gift shop.
My kids are all good... Oldest son turned 21 this year, DD is now 18.. my youngest is 16 now.. My how fast they grow. My health is good and I am happy, my man... Jimmie Johnson is 1st in the points for championship(NASCAR) Well, I am out of work early tonight so headed home to see my kids and dogs! Take care Nancy! Nice "chatting" with you!


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