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jaceysgranny(7aAR)October 4, 2009

I guess I don't know how to do a search on the R&R forum. Everytime I type in someone's name I get every post they've made on on other people's rating space but I don't get theirs. Can someone shed some light on how to do this for me? Thanks, Nancy

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Hi Nancy
toward the bottom of the rate and review page there is a search box where you can input the name and choose "this forum" or "entire site"...just choose "this site" and their reviews should pop up also all the reviews they have left will pop up also.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Actually there are 3 search boxes on that page, only one of which is the correct one to use.

The one to use is just below the list of threads there on page one, and it defaults to just searching that forum.

There is also one at the very top in the green banner, and that is not one to use, because as you said, it searches all of the many forums and brings up all of their posts.

There is also one at the very bottom, just 'above' the green banner and that is also not to be used if wanting to search just the Rate and Review Forum.

Here is a bit more explanation about the Instructions and it covers where the right search box is found. Special Instructions for the Forum

It would certainly be nice if the 2 boxes that do not apply to searching that forum were removed. I know a lot of members don't likely find the right one, which results in multiple threads being started.

Remy had come up with the idea for some FAQ (frequently asked questions) for the forum and a thread was started for it. She volunteered to try and get them together with the help of input from members. I'll go revive the thread and maybe she can find the time to work on them sometime when the snow is blowing this winter.

FAQS for Rate & Review Forum


Rate and Review Forum

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Thank you Heather and Sue. You've been a big help and I will read the Special Instructions.


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Hi Nancy,
I know this is an old post(trying to get back on my feet), but just wanted to let you know as in my case if the person's name is not spelled correctly you will not find them, I think mine is nyvoices & no 99 on it, but oh well:)Anita

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