Why its Great to Be a Male Gardener

Mikey(SoCal-Z10-22/23)November 20, 2005

 Men can garden with or without wearing a shirt.

 Men can bend over without someone ogling their butt....or their cleavage.

 Men can screw up a GW trade without fear of repercussions because...., well because they are men and it is expected....

 Men can garden in the front yard without first combing their hair or putting on makeup.

 If a guy has really gotta go, he can pee in the compost pile and thus accomplish two things; heating up the compost and... well you know..

 If a man gets angry with another GW trader he wonÂt e-mail ten GW friends in order to form an alliance...Men donÂt have ten GW friends.....

 Men can wear whatever clothes they want while in the front yard without concern of them matching.

 When male neighbors walk by and chat they look a man in the eye and not in the chest...

 When the rototiller runs rough a man can give it a tune up.

 If a man gets mad at another GW trader he may or may not say something and if he does say something it is said in private.... ducking

 A man can swing by another male gardenerÂs house without bringing a little gift.

 When women come by they donÂt really expect a man to know the botanical names of their plants.

 A man can remove hose attachments without having to think, "righty tighty, lefty loosy." .... ducking again

 A man doesnÂt need a bulb trowel to plant bulbs. Any trowel will do...

 A man can garden without wearing gloves. Dirt behind the nails is almost expected....

 When a man has disagreements with other GW members, they are generally short and sweet and seldom personal.

 Men can mail a GW trade without enclosing a cute little note with a bunch of smiley faces.

I hope yÂall canÂt hit a moving target....(ducking and weaving)

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I disagree with # 2 - lol - we ARE watching. lol

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You are too funny! The cleavage thing bothers me though. I work on a lot of construction sites and see a lot of BC. I'ts not a pretty sight.

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LOL @ Jim. Ah yes, I guess that in addition to boob cleavage there is also butt cleavage; certainly not a pretty sight on someone named Bubba....

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LMAOF!! Very true.


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LOL, too funny and Jim you're are so right! There's the same problem from females these days with the hip huggers and short tops back in style. I sure don't like seeing BC on anyone who is supposed to be dressed!


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Mikey as always, I enjoy reading your posts LOL!


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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

While I could probably debate you on a few of those (and good thing you were ducking...and weaving...most of it is TRUE, true, true! LOL

Just hoppin' over here for a change of pace!

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That was good. Good thing you were a moving target. My aim aint that good. Need to hear some more MIke.

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Giving this one a bump ~ it was on the last page and it's just too funny to lose. Mikey, if you're still around, thank you for a few much-needed belly laughs!

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Trowel? What's a trowel?

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jdkind(zone 6)

why its great to be a male gardener? hun let me see. o yes morning glorys with coffee and brugsMANsia with a beer =).
I can't wait for spring/summer.

    Bookmark   March 15, 2009 at 11:08AM
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