Day After Thanksgiving Shopping

greenthumbb(6)November 22, 2005

I wonder how many of you take advantage of the sales post Thanksgiving....and do you go and wait for the doors to open,in the wee morning hours,in the cold.(New England)

I have never been but some of the folks I work with plan for this month;s ahead...the sales seem worthwhile,but the crowds make it scarry...pushing and pulling..long lines..

Now if they were offering plants that's a different story, right :)

"Happy Turkey Day"


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minibim(FL z10)

No thank you. Al Gore would never have invented the internet if he didn't hate that holiday shopping b.s.!!!!!!!! lol

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I'm with minibim! No way do I even leave my house the day after tgiving.

We don't exchange gifts in our family for xmas anyway. I did buy a few things for a friend's granddaughter. And I got something for my best friend, Gail, but I got it off the internet. It will be for her bday which is in Dec. So now all my shopping is done for months! LOL

I hate shopping and usually I buy most books and other things on Ebay. I'm far too impatient to stand in line at Walmart on a normal day. During the whole month of Dec (purchases) and the first couple weeks of Jan (returns), I try to avoid the stores. It just gets crazy here and I don't even wanna be on the "strip".


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Kathy547(z8 AR)

I am a merchandiser for 3 companies & Wal-Mart is one of the stores I work in. The vendors have to be through by 5 a.m. - meaning some of them will be in at 3 a.m. or be off that day - or wait until after 3 or 4 p.m. Today, the day before Thanksgiving, has been crowded & tomorrow until about 11 will be as crowded. Workers & customers constantly getting in each other's way. Whew!!!! And, I'll have to go "pull up" a couple of more times today! I made the mistake of going to the day after sale & never again! First, you have to park 10 miles from the store. Then you get all the way to the door & find out that everyone's already taken all the shopping carts. Then, you have to inch around shoulder-to-shoulder crowds. When I went, I was buying 3 boys' bikes & a smaller girls' bike. They were in boxes & I liked to not have gotten them in my cart - so good luck finding someone to help you. Then, I had to fight through the crowds again to the cash registers, where I stood in line for an hour. Then, getting them through the parking lot - keep in mind people are constantly backing up & moving - & into the car. Again, never again! Last year, I made the mistake of having to go in for toilet paper or something - one item - & it took forever because of the long lines at the check outs (why don't they ever have all the registers going? is it just me?).

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flowersandbirds4ever(Z5 Me)

I was thinking of doing some -but it looks like a bad snow storm is a heading my way thanksgiving eve.
I wanted to try and get a heads up.I am doing gift cert and some things for special people in my life.So much wont be done.I hate lines,and traffic.It all depends on what happens for weather in morning.If you go be safe.And happy thanksgiving.Rosie

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I am right with you Kathy on the register thing! Our Supermarket expanded last year and was a mess for months with temporary registers etc! Well, they now have like 25, but I have yet to see more than 4 operating at one time, what a waste of money, and it really irks me to be in line with 12 people in front of me and the 3 or 4 registers up!

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Dummy here! Leaving bright and early. Almost can't afford not to go for those great deals with three children to shop for. It isn't is bad as you might think (watch now that I've said that, it will be a day from :-))

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone,

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Well, it wasn't bad at all :-).
We got all of our shopping done in two hours, and found some really great sale prices.And, for a first in the history books, I kept to my shopping list! LoL

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend all,

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Ok, lets just forget how crazy the crowds are, we all know that the After Thanksgiving Sale is a marketing sceme. They triple the prices then drop them I see no savings, and why punish yourself staning elbow to elbow with people fighting over merchandise. The day after Thanksgiving is a day of rest!! I do my shoping well before that sale, when the prices are cheaper anyway, and there are more choices. Anyone Agree???? I would rather go to a nursery and buy plants, lol.


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Ditto the plant buying!!!! I would stand in line for 2 hours to get a plant, but not a chance in well you know I would go shopping for anything on black Friday, BC, I am stunned NO Christmas for you????I have most of mine done.....Ha, Ha Ha... Still tons to do, I HATE CHRISTMAS, Bunch of money spent for what..Are they appreciative of it??? Doubt it!!!
Well I have said more than I should have tonight, So Hope you all have a great night. :)Anita

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