flowersandbirds4ever(Z5 Me)November 17, 2005

Hi to all my fellow gardeners some i know and some I do not know.

I was inveloved in a Round Robin just recently.-well it never started to say the least.I got a email asking me-if i was someone else.and got back on.I said No.I was very upset for The reason we come here to trade and this is suppost to be fun!And if people are doing this and blaming other people how can this be fun!

I decided not to join in swap-Because the reason why should I have to explain my self and I feel I did.

We come here to trade to make new plants for our garden.

I came from NH not Maine-Yes I moved to Maine over summer.

But because I live in Maine.I am considered to be the person going out of GW and coming back.That is truely false.I shouldnt have to deffend myself at all.Gardening is fun and I have been some decent people here.

But I beleive my gardening has stopped for a while.I was truly upset over this.It gets expensive to trade.postage is going up first of Jan .boxes are free.Time isnt when your so busy with holidays and family and gardening.

And cost of your plants add this up.Cheapier is to buy on the computer or a nursrey.I started out with nothing.I came here-then landed a job-at a local nursrey.

I just thought this was fun-when people start rumors it isnt any more.I made a few nice friends out of this.And have met some who arent-but everyone is different-I am religous-and the great gift is Love-love we have for each other! you dont have to be religous.that is your choice i wont push it dont your throat.But To totally cause trouble isnt good.I wont be apart of that.talking about people not Knowing the facts.Is pure evil.I went to bed -pulling myself from a swap.And this morning went in and read I was causing drama-hello....I wasnt one you caused this.I was tellign why i was leaving.And wishing everyone happy holidays.Gezzz.I am telling you!that is the drama.I dont repeat everything that is told to me.It isnt right.

I had a dream-If your relgious this is for you! end times are coming you know.And in my dream i had to defend my faith.And was running from war-which i can relate to.God is my witness.I am a christian i havent lied to anyone here.I shouldnt have to explain myself.And true gift of the season-is to love one another and forgiveness.

I wont be doing much trading winter is here.And I feel-for my self.-It is much cheaper-less trouble to buy what i need.figure it out.and get things i want and healthy plants.And so I am saying you will not see much trades of me right now.Not because I am leaving cause i wont give into people causing trouble-I have more to worry about in the worls than this.cause I believe that i can make a difference somewhere else with my time and my energy.

I wanted to express my feeling of Love and what the true meaning of it is.The true meaning of the season is Love.thanks all Take care and happy holidays!God bless

Love in christ jesus Rosie

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Emailing you!!

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flowersandbirds4ever(Z5 Me)

emailed you Kathy rosie

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Rosie ~

There are some cruel and hurtful people here, I know.
I'm happy to see that you are not going to let them run you off. Personally, I don't feel you caused any "drama" whatsoever. I also feel that you have been here at GW long enough to prove yourself (not that you have to "PROVE" anything). You have shown good faith in being trustworthy, otherwise some would have already smeared your name across the wave of mass e-mailing the "black list". Some can only be a couple of days behind in mailing out a trade, and be black listed. I'm sure I will catch alot of guff by voicing my opinion, but I felt I should say this.
God Bless you and yours this holiday season and always,

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Joeypack(8 Ark/Tx)

Rosie, last year and this year we have traded and I LOVEd the packages I received from you. One of the packages last year was of course, LILIES (my favorite thing) and wouldnt you know it I had one of yours come up this year and was almost BLACK! I thought I would just die. I was so happy for all of them, but esp. the black one. One day, I plan on getting some more babies from that one and hybridizing some babies from it.I hope that all of the negative people can read this and know that we have had 2 trades in about a years time and I am more than happy with my trade with you. PLease learn to have all of the negativity run off your back, because you dont need it, nor do you deserve it. I hope we can trade again soon. Joey

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flowersandbirds4ever(Z5 Me)

Thanks joey for the support-I would love trading with you again.See you soon! Rosie

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sunshine98(Z8 TX)

I agree with Tina and Joey. I've traded with you at least 3 times in the past and have always been VERY pleased with what you've sent me (VERY healthy plants and seeds). Thanks to you my garden has become more beautiful than ever. I hope to continue trading with you in the future as well. Please don't let people chase you off. Like Tina said, there are some cruel and hurtful people here, but there are also more beautiful and kind and generous people as well and these are the ones that will miss you if you leave. So please don't. Rumors are never good either to get started or to believe and those who get them started or believe them are just ignorant and seem to have too much time on their hands. You, as I learned, are honest, communicative, friendly, and VERY giving of yourself. You never say anything that isn't true and say it like it is. For this and more I appreciate you as I'm sure all of us who know you do. For now I wish you and everyone on GW a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Your friend always
Nancy aka sunshine98 on Gw

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flowersandbirds4ever(Z5 Me)

Nancy Thank-you you have been a real dear to me.Your trades arive and great condition.You are honest,kind and I value our friendship.Look for more trades in year 2006 with you!
I am so glad God has put you all in my life.
Hsppy Thanksgiving to all my Garden Friends-Huggs Nancy

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