wanted info on how long to wait :-(

kerai(z8 SC)November 16, 2005

I mailed a check to a lady for SASE three weeks back and the check had been cashed on November 3rd. No plants yet. My repeated emails to her are not answered. I see her postings in the exchange forums. All I need is an update on when and if I would get the pkg. Any thoughts?

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Give it a little more time. It's only been 13 days since the check was cashed. Many people wait 7 to 10 days for a check to clear before they mail plants for postage. Believe it or not, gardeners do bounce checks so many of us have learned to be careful.

The trader may be overloaded with trades and postage offers to fill. She may be sick or have a sick child. Give her a little more time.

Your unanswered emails may be going to her "spam" folder and being automatically deleted. Email her from her member page at GW so her email account will accept the email. Then give her a few days to reply.


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Hi, you could try contacting her through one of GW posts, email her directly from her members page. See if you can get a response. At least you wrote a check, if you cannot get in contact with her, you can put a stop payment of the check. All banks will work with you if you explain that you wrote a check for goods that were not received. It also might depend on how the items were shipped, either parcel post or Priority. Parcel post can take quite a bit of time, depending on how far the package had to travel. I hope this helps.


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weebus(Z8 Sunset 5 WA)

Even after the check has been cashed?

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I don't know what your bank charges for stop payments, but the bank that I do business with charges 20.00 for any reason that you put a stop payment in; that would be a mighty costly sase.


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I normally send packages out Priority. Last year I mailed some stuff to someone gratis and sent it regular mail. After a couple weeks of not hearing from her I was somewhat irritated and I made a personal note in my trading log about how ungrateful she was for not saying thanks for about 8 plants I had sent her. About 3 weeks later I received an e-mail from her saying "thank you" and she mentioned she had just received the plants.... Three weeks..... I sheepishly removed the unkind comments I had written about her......

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I am sorry, but with my bank, there are no charges, especially when goods have not been received. I guess I was unaware that other banks charged such a large amount. I have been with the same bank for so many years!!

However I would still try and contact that person from her members page, and see if you get a response that way. And I have had to wait more than 13 days for a box to reach me, so I would not worry too much at this time. I was just posing some suggestions.

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kerai(z8 SC)

Thanks to all of you for replying. This is my first month being a member here and was/am way too excited. You won't believe, I was too excited that I couldn't sleep the night before I mailed plants for my first exchange and the day I was supposed to get the plants in exchange. I have met so many wonderful people like you all.

I don't mind waiting, all I want is a status update. I would give it a few more days and write off that amount and the trader from my list. I had seen quite a few postings from her, so I am inclined to think that everything is fine in her side.

Thanks again to all of you for lending me your ears!!

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Quote: "Thanks again to all of you for lending me your ears!!"

That's fine but please return them when you are finished with them.... ;)

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kerai, If you see this person is actively posting, you can respond to that post that you have been trying to contact her to no avail regarding a 'previous trade'. This should either have her respond to you immediately with reason as to why she hasn't sent out her part or it will warn others.

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Just wondering how it all turned out!

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kerai(z8 SC)

I got 4 or 5 1 to 2 inches cuttings (!) Not what I asked for! But at that stage, it didn't matter!
Anyway, I'm glad it was over. She may be a good one, but she's not for me.

I am returning all your ears with thanks :-)
Happy gardening,


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