What is everyone going to do over the winter?

jaceysgranny(7aAR)November 19, 2005

This winter I hope to reconstruct some of my beds. I have 2 dump truck loads of mulch that I've got to work on getting distributed, or at least some of it. I also plan to catch up on some household chores that I put off during gardening season. I need to do some interior painting and lots of cleaning. Next I want to try to make another quilt. Hopefully I'll be able to. I had to stop a few years ago due to painful hands but maybe I can do a little at a time. I've made everybody but Jacey one and it's time to do that if I'm going to. I did make her nursery ensemble; comforter, bumper pads, dust ruffle, curtains, laundry bag, pillow and pillow case and sham. That was such fun! Ok, enough of my plans, what are yours?


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I am going to hopefully get caught up on some household projects. My baby is almost able to sit on his own, he's 5 months, and I am hoping to have my arms back for a few minutes here and there!!!I would like to do some sewing projects too, but I am not holding my breath on that! Oh yeah, try to keep warm is key :)

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Keep my house a little cleaner, (lol) and RELAX!!!


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Clean house! LoL. More poor house was so neglected over the gardening season. I'd tell myself that on rainy days I could catch up. Ha! On rainy days, I would go out and plant so more because it wasn't as hot. So, I plan to clean, clean, clean. I've already started crocheting some things, and knitting some as well. Of course there will be seed sowing and tending to my houseplants. I plan to redecorate/paint as well. Of course the poor stove/oven will not get a break for a few months either, LoL.
I'm also going to make the hubby finish some projects as well, heehee.


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Continue gardening of course........

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flowersandbirds4ever(Z5 Me)

Im going to get more Organized,In home dept-Plant daylily-Iris seeds-started some under lights.Meet new people I live in sticks.Lose weight walk every day.
Call friends once a week -because friendships are important.Make my buckwheat and lavender pillows.
Ummm thinking LOL-count days -till I can see My new gardens in spring.And Basically work/on family goals,house goals,Goals-with learning-religon-God.Friendship goals,
Savings goals,and buisness goals-Maybe that will keep me busy.What about everone Else ?Would like to know what you all will be doing this winter Rosie

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I'm so jealous that Mikey gets to garden all winter while I go into hybernation.

I'll be replacing floors throughout the house. I'm ripping out all the carpet. You just can't have carpet, a big polar bearlike dog, and a cat AND hate to clean--all at the same time.

I'll also be doing some redecorating at my brother's house next door, along with setting up his little home office. He keeps complaining that he can't find anything when he needs it.

And I'll finally get back to oil painting. I've dug out all my supplies and have been watching Hobby Lobby for their 1/2 sales of canvas, paint and brushes.

And anyday that winter surprises us with temps above 50, I'll be outside working on preparing new beds for new plants cause you know I'll never have enough.


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Sounds like everyone will have plenty to keep them busy.

Mikey, no fair boasting! lol You'll have to post plenty of pics to keep us all from dying of starvation and of course to keep us jealous of your beautiful landscape.

Steph, I sure hope you get your arms back, ha-ha that was pretty funny but oh so true!

Tina, you sound just about like me. lol

Rosie, I envy you your goals. I'm not very good at keeping goals. I think I may have ADD because I can't seem to stick with any one thing long enough to finish it. I jump from one thing to the next but it keeps me from getting bored....sometimes. ;-)

Nancy Ann, are you keeping books for your brother? How is your shop coming along? I feel like your mulch crept over to my house. Lol, I had asked Jerry to catch the tree toppers to get me a load and he caught the power and light company when they cut down a bunch of trees and got them to bring it all to my house. I have no clue how I will ever use it all. I hope you're feeling better too. I know what you mean about hating to clean, so do I. UGH!!!


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Yes, Nancy, I am my brother's secretary. He works with an architectural firm by day, and by night he is a "slum lord". LOL He owns several houses that I help him maintain so he can rent them out. I do all the bookkeeping, type up the leases, etc. He's been wanting to move his filing cabinet and everything over here to my place! I said, "You'll have to add another room on first." And he's actually considering that! I'm gonna have to deter him because you know I don't want to give up any of my garden space.

My garden center is doing great actually. And I hope next year to really have it going well now that I'm healthy again. I've acquired 100's of new daylilies this year as well as a few new cannas, and I've found some great wholesalers I can do business with. So I'm really psyched to finally be moving forward.

I go back to the urologist today for another xray to see how the kidney stone fragments have passed. I've had to collect the fragments, which I'll carry in today and he'll analyze them and tell me what else I must give up to keep from getting stones like this again. I had three very large ones. One he equates to a ping pong ball with thorns. But since he crushed them up, I've been painfree for over a month now. Maaan, pain free living ROCKS!!

Glad you got some mulch. It will "shrink" as it ages, so it won't be quite as much in a year. And you'll find room for it all. I had 20 big trailerloads here last year. Now I'm down to one. Of course, you can always create new beds if you still need some place to put the mulch. LOL


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Nancy Ann good to hear things are so much better. Nancy envy the mulch. I have been cleaning several yards for pine straw. We both benefit from it. Mike no fair bragging.
Am hoping to finish a new bed. And if doesnt freeze to hard want to lay some pipe for some more water. Would love to get the underground sprinkler thing done. Omar does it get very cold wehre you are?
Also need to slow down alittle and recharge the memory card.
Have lots of yard projects want to get done but my job keeps interfering. Hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving. Judy

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I live in zone 8 so the coldest it gets here is 15 ºF, which is not as nice as Mickey's zone 10, but better than many other places. I still get some blooms from allysums, Delosperma, Coreopsis, gazanias, roses and Clematis. Some bushes like Pyracantha, roses and Nandina, display their berries or rose hips quite nicely during the winter here. They are not at their peak, but, hey! better than nothing! So, gardening is one thing that I will be doing over the winter.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, specially to you, Judy.


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I'm going to get some major house cleaning done. It is amazing how fast the dust bunnies can multiply.

Omar, I must admit I envy you a bit, but I do enjoy the change in the seasons.

Hope everyone has a great day today, Dh has the flu, and I hate to leave him, but off to work I must go.


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What am I to do?????????? Oh wait I think I will spend my winter in court!!!!!Oh If killing was not a sin!!!!, But really, I know many people will read this & not have a clue, You do:)
I am still thinking what am I going to do with 8 months of prison, that's what it feels like, I will spend a lot of time in the basement tending all the plants that I don't even have listed on my page..
I will make sure I come to GW & read so I don't need soap opras..I will spend as much time as I can with my family, Love you Nacy:)Anita

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Judy, I sure wish you could come get some of this stuff! It sounds like you have your work cut out for you with raking all those yards. Before this year I had 2 other loads but they were smaller and I've used them all.

Nancy, I'm glad you are feeling so much better too. I'm just sorry it took so long and you suffered so much.

Anita, things will get better. I'm sure God will be on your side! Love you to ;-)

Omar, I also love the changing of the seasons but am sure that you get some of that being just one zone above us.

I'm hoping for some pretty days and the energy to get out there and clean up the graveyard and get the garden ready for spring.


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Nancy (jaceysgrannie), yes, my garden definitely feels the winter effect but I manage to have always something blooming or bearing berries. It rarely snows in this town in the middle of the desert and January is the worst month, but I still get occasional blooms during winter(gazania, Delosperma, paperwhites). Nights are very cold but days are frequentely warm (50-70 ºF). By the end of February, grape Hyacinths and Crocus start the show followed by daffodils, scilla, tulips, creeping rosemary and primroses. Spring already!! It's a never ending job but I enjoy it after all.


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I have Heavenly Bamboo that puts on quite a show with it's red berries in the winter and also a Pyracantha which has bright orange berries but that's about all I have with any color. I have planted several different hollies over the years but they never thrive for me. Some of them are really gorgeous.


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Maybe we should arrange a trade, Nancy. I have a bunch of evergreens that you can try to propagate: red Pyracantha, creeping rosemary, Artemisia, rose (white flowers and red hips), eucaliptus, variegated phytosporum, variegated Eunymous, bay leaf, Dracaena, Fremontodendron and Lysoma (I think that is its name. I'm not sure). I don't know if they will be evergreens in zone 7 too but you may want to try them. Just send me a holler :)


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corgicorner(Mass 6/7)

Hibernate ?

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Spend more time with my birds.

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Our temps have been so mild here, like spring. So I've been cleaning up beds and getting them ready for spring planting. I have such dreams! And tons of projects to go along with them. I hope this year to finally get my gardens looking beautiful instead of looking like a "plant warehouse". LOL

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I have been drawing new plans for more gardens than i could ever complete in one year!!...Hubby thinks i am looney!!...Trying to find a way to make a "simple" small pond, Connecticut has rocks/stones everywhere you dig!!..Have been looking at my seed/bulb catalogs nightly while i watch TV, i circle what i want, then cross it off again! Can never make up my mind, and oh yeah, i DO have a budget LOL!!...yep. i finally ordered some seeds...Impatiently waiting for there arrival...Had plans to winter sow, but chickened out on that one...And yes I, just like "ButterflyChaser" have ripped up all my carpet, to reveal decent hardwood floors, I also have two dogs, one big shepard, one small yorkie, and two cats..and 2 kids still at home...hate housework too! YUK! what a job taking up that carpet was!!...Currently "re-modeling" my mom's bedroom, she has MS, is wheelchair dependent, and lives with us..Whew...Am getting a hospital bed for her delivered this week, so need to get her room organized, old bed removed, dressers moved, etc...Oh yeah, and i like to take a nap with my little Yorkie when i can :)
..I have also started to read the bible again...still a long way to go on that...lots to understand
..Going back to work next month, finally have home health care for mom, so i can work again..I come to Gweb everyday, love to read the posts, and check out the trades..discovered Round Robins this year and just love them!
I am sure you all have TMI (too much information) about me now hahahahahha
loved reading about all of the stuff you all are doing!! Winter is almost over!!
Blue Skies!

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