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MisterK(5a)April 7, 2012

can anyone help me id this plant? Im in zone 5 and this has been coming up in many place in my yard...suspect its cherry toms but not sure! thanks!

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"...suspect its cherry toms but not sure!"

Not!....What are they sprouting from ?....looks like potatos or another root crop.......

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does it have orange-yellow sap?
It may be Greater celandine (Chelidonium majus L.):
Check out the photos.

I bought it years ago in nursery not having idea what it is, and find seedlings ever since all over the garden. Just pull them out asap, try to get all of the root (just like dandelions). Definitely before they have seeds. Or if you like them in your garden, deadhed as soon as you see seedpods. I keep few, they have nice leaves & yellow flowers.


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