Five rants - Hope this is the right place.

santoury(MA)December 23, 2007

Pardon me if this is in the wrong forum, and I apologize in advance if some of you feel offended. That is not my intention.

Firstly, I dislike how slow GW gets in the winter. I've posted several threads to "liven things up" with tropical plant trades. Only a few of you seem to be still "active" this time of year. Afraid of the plant freezing? Then be there to pick up the box. I have not lost a single plant yet, this winter, coming or going.

Secondly, I don't like that every time I get cuttings, they are too dry to even have a chance, when they arrive, or they just die. People seem to use cuttings to "sweeten a trade" - I've been disappointed enough times that I won't take any more cuttings, other than the "VERY EASY" ones (Brugmansia, for instance.) But I hate to get a box that is 1/2 cuttings, meaning, other people get many rooted plants from me, and I only get 1/2 a trade, as it were. Does anyone else feel this way?

Thirdly, I have noticed several members posting "WANTED" plants, but when somebody (myself, anyway) posts saying, I have this plant, and get NO response. Why bother asking for something if you don't respond? Or why bother asking, if you have nothing to offer in trade? It's called EXCHANGE.

Fourth - May I suggest a "place" for POSTAGE ASKERS on GW? This would save everyone a lot of time. It is very tiring, mentally, to have people ask for plants for postage, especially the unusual plants. It is irritating. It puts myself into a position where I have to say "NO" and I don't like being in that position.

Fifth - NO OFFENSE! BUT! PLEASE BE THERE TO GET YOUR BOX! OTHERWISE, DO NOT ASK FOR DELIVERY CONFIRMATION!!!!!! This happened twice just last week - I sent boxes, and they were not picked up / not delivered, because nobody was there. Now my plants are suffering as a result of your not being there, and just because you asked me to use Delivery Confirmation.

Sorry for the burst of negativity here - It isn't directed towards anyone, but is based upon recent experiences and observations on GW - and please consider these suggestions for us all to improve / enhance the quality of GW experiences.

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For those of us who live on rural routes and get our packages left in outdoor mailboxes, it isn't always possible to "be there" when they arrive---and Delivery Confirmation doesn't mean the carrier will hold onto the package until he or she can put it in your hands. They merely confirm the date they leave it in your mailbox, so---plants DO freeze, alas!

I agree about the dry cuttings lament. Here's a good suggestion for shipping cuttings during the COOLER months---DO NOT try this during summer! Completely seal the cuttings inside a large Zip-loc bag. This keeps the humidity high (which is why it will kill cuttings when it's hot!).

As for the no response thing---the e-mail system here at GW sucks. If at all possible, I find it's best to use some other system.

"For postage"---when I just don't want to be asked this question, I state in my post that I will not send plants for postage. Yes, some people DO still ask, but I just ignore them.

As for Number Five---see reply Number One. I have had my postal carrier admit to erroniously delivering my package to someone else, days before. She's honest enough to tell me, and the person she did deliver it to was honest enough to give it back to her, but---that won't always be the case.

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Perhaps I should be clear - these people are SAYING that they were not there, and the packages were NOT left at their door - I find this very strange. This happened twice last week - weird.

As for the email system, yes it sucks, but I was referring to people not responding to their OWN threads even when other people post on them, not through emails.
Just frustrating stuff.

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amazindirt(7A mid-TN)

I *have* lost a coupla trade plants this winter, unfortunately, and it wasn't even all that cold. Not all of us have the luxury of sitting around at home all day! I'm braver than a lot of people with winter swapping, but losses certainly do happen.

As for cuttings, just make sure that both parties are clear about what's being shipped. If you don't want cuttings, then don't accept cuttings in trades.

As for "wanted" posters not responding, for that I have to plead guilty myself. In the most recent case, I was not specific enough about what I wanted. So when people responded with things I didn't really want, I (so far) ignored them. I have no good excuse for that -- it's just easier to go on to other chores.

As for people asking for plants for postage -- just ignore em. This is the plant EXCHANGE. I had one lady on Dave's Garden who wrote to me about one of my Calatheas -- THEN she told me she had nothing but seeds to trade. People need to use some sense!

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I saw your post for tropicals. But it's way too cold for us.
Our mail can spend 1/2 a day or more in an unheated truck just getting to our local post office. We are getting a lot of Elephant Ears and Musa in our co-op for spring so I'll look for your posts then.
And I dislike people asking for freebies too. Trading is two sided, and sending postage for free plants is not trading.
Except for brug cuttings, I don't like trading cuttings either.

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santoury, the mail on gw is not good. i know you responded to an ad i placed and i answered you via email but i never had any response from you.

i have had the same results with mailed cuttings and i won't do them any more either unless they are coming from somewhere in texas and then i give detailed instructions on how i would like it done.

and you have to stop feeling guilty about saying "no" when people request plants for postage. occ. i offer them but not much any more. it's too much work and time for nothing. it's a good idea to make some statement such as this on your trade page and then people might not ask you to do this.

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