How to remove parts of asphalt driveway?

cooperyangJanuary 30, 2007


I would like to replace part of my driveway with flower beds and I need to take out about 100 sq. ft. of asphalt. I don't mind some amount of labor and I am wondering if there is a tool ( shovel like?) that can be used to break it up?

thanks in advance,


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Sledge and prybar works great for concrete - can't see why it wouldn't do the same for asphalt, specially in colder weather.

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A jackhammer? At least, that's what the guy used when we had our driveway replaced a long time ago.

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Most driveways I've pulled up, a sledgehammer and prybar have been sufficient. If you're keeping the rest of the driveway, you may want to run a circular saw with a masonry blade along your cut line. It'll keep you from having a ragged-looking driveway.

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