What are Field peas w/ snap?

yngfiremanFebruary 21, 2009

What are Field peas w/ snaps called as far as seeds? When cooked the peas are brown and the snaps are green. You'll find them in the south at alot of your buffet style resturants. I can't find the name of this type vegetable. If you know please give all the names you know for them. Thanks

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you'll find field peas listed as 'Southern Peas' in most catalogs or web sites.

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They are cowpeas/southern peas (Vigna unguilata). The ones that you are describing are the small Iron or Clay cultivars. These are green shellies and the snaps are the the tender pod broken into pieces like a snap bean. All cowpeas can be used, but only the Iron and Clay are generally called "field" peas. In the north the yellow English pea (Pisum sativum) is also called a field pea.
Tommy pea w/snaps

Here is a link that might be useful: Field peas- southern

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Little Red Peanut Peas are a brown-seeded cowpea, as are Whipporwill Peas and some types of crowder peas. Maybe it's one of those?

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Great information, farmerdilla, I've been wondering what field peas/with snaps were.
The Iron and Clay southern peas are available in packets at www.sandhillpreservation.com.
Wish I had known this before placing my order.

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Here, field peas are a staple in the dried beans sections of Krogers, Bilo, Food Lion and other grocery chains. You might want to check if you really want to grow them. I prefer larger ones, these are tedious to shell by hand. They are even smmaller than White Acre or Lady. I use them mostly for a green manure crop and I usually just get them at the grocery store.

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Haven't seen them here, dried. I used to buy them canned but don't see them anymore. Great taste.
The frozen field peas (as they were called) were not the same thing. Larger and nasty tasting.

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Thanks for the help. But, now can you tell me where I can find them. I have looked everywhere. Thanks

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Yngfireman; As Oldpea posted above, they are available in small quantities from Sandhill. http://www.sandhillpreservation.com/catalog/pea_cowpea.html
The link that I gave you, has them in quantity (50 lb bags)
Most of the feed and seed stores here carry them by the lb. They are also available here in the dried beans section of the grocery stores right next to the Blackeye peas. Most will be mixed Iron and Clay.

Here is a link that might be useful: Iron and Clay peas

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Thank you very much for all the help farmerdilla. This picture is what we are talking about correct? Thanks again!http://www.sylviassoulfood.com/FieldPeas.html

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yngfireman, There are a great many types of southern peas and even more sub-varieties. Most are used as dry peas. In my area there are two that are used fresh (indicated by the snaps). For the one pictured on the can that you linked, my guess would be they are Mississippi Silver. In my opinion, an even better fresh pea is the Pink Eye Puplehull, which comes in several sub-varieties.

Keep in mind that these peas require a longer cooking time than most bean type vegies.

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yngfireman; I am not familiar with that brand, but all the canned ones I have tried were the small Iron and Clay. They do can Blackeyes, White Acre and others but usually state the type on the label. I agree with pls8xx that Cream peas, pinkeyes, etc are better choices for home gardeners. However, for me, cooking time is less than half that of common beans (P. vulgaris) whether snaps, shellies or dried. They are easy to overcook especially as snaps.

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Bakers creek heirloom seeds at rareseed.com and southern exposure seeds at southernexposure.com both have a good selection of southern peas. Rodger

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Glory makes a Southern Style Field Peas and Snaps. According to their nutritional info on the can it is Field Peas (Small Green Peas) with Snaps (String Beans) with a pork base.

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