WANTED: Cuttings from soon to be downed Pineapple pear

ltlwilli(8)January 22, 2014

Some varieties have come along, but this is the original Southern cooking pear--too hard for fresh eating, but it makes loads of large pears every year that are just great for cooking with or making preserves The tree grows to about 30 feet and does get blight now and again,but this is always fought off by the tree--I do not use chemicals around my honebee apiary..I try to be organic all I can. Graft or root cuttings to get the true-to-name variety I will cut many scions for any trades involving Thornless Blackberries-either roots or small plants. Please check out "My Page" for any trades I might like....Otherwise, it is coming down soon, to make room for more plants that I want...If you have nothing to trade, I'll sell the 8"cuttings for $10/15 cuttings. They will be about 8" long....
Postage will depend on how many you want amd how far they must ship. These payments can be done tru PayPal.
Thanks for looking,

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LtlWilli you could top graft that pear over using the rind grafting technique and make yourself a fruit cocktail tree of pears. Here is a link to a youtube video of a guy using the same technique I would http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrE2CkQHudI
Graft about 5 varieties of pears on there and you would be eating them in 2-3 years.

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That is a thought worth exploring. After all, all the pears I have since planted are blight resistant, and this old tree has managed to fight it off every time it shows---year after year. In fact, it was one of the first I planted in the garden.

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Rind grafting / bark grafting is the way to go in my opinion for a lot of reasons. The primary reason I use it is I don't have to wait on the roots to grow out to change varieties or tear up my orchard.

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