Earthtainer on the cool deck

tigervegApril 4, 2012

The area that gets the most sun in my backyard has a slope. The only other area is the decking around the pool. I was thinking it may get too hot but then thought of wood pallets. Good or bad idea?

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rnewste(8b NorCal)

I would not recommend setting an EarthTainer on an uneven surface such as a pallet. This can cause problems longer term with the structural integrity of the container bottom. Just set it on the lid cut-out as is recommended in the Guide and you should be fine.

If you can shade the sidewalls of the EarthTainer with a piece of bamboo curtain, or similar shade material, your outer shell will last much longer.


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you can use a pallet but you need too put aleast 3/4 inch piece of plywood on it. you dont want any distortion in the container over time like ray stated. also a large enough concrete paver that supports the whole thing. (and level)

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Thanks so much Raybo and Terrybull. Several of my pallets were not level so I have decided to put them on the deck as Raybo suggested. My concern was for the heat that reflects off the pool deck.(someone on this gardenweb posted their tomatoes burned due to heat from the concrete they were sitting on) I will put the bamboo curtain up if I can find it and probably add a couple of rows of lower level companion plants in front of the tainers. I have them at the east edge of the pool deck (pool runs east-west).


Raybo, the plans were perfect. Thanks so much. My husband and I were able to complete six tainers in one day and we know very little about construction.

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rnewste(8b NorCal)

WOW!! Six built in one day is great. I'll give you a holler when I need some built!!


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