Looking for some input/advice about my landscape design!

maggienchampJanuary 23, 2013

Hi everyone! I'm a new member to this fantastic forum -
The reason I joined is because I'm looking for some advice about the landscape design I created for my backyard, and I figured this would be a great place to start. I'm pretty new to gardening in general, my only experience has been with a couple of indoor & outdoor plants and a few years with a veggie garden; My mom has always been the gardener of the family :) But in the past year or two, I've taken a real interest in it, probably due to my love for living a healthy and organic lifestyle.
So this year, I decided to re-do part of my landscape in the backyard - it's the space right up against the back wall of my house; the shape of the house + porch creates a little square area. My parents did plant the area years ago, but we all felt it was in need of a little updating :)

Any advice regarding the plant selections, layout, and/or anything else you can think of would be much appreciated! Here are a couple of my concerns:

- Did I incorporate too many varieties of plants and not "repeat" them enough in the design? In other words, will the space look jumbled and random?
- Based on my plant choices, will the area be appealing year-round (not so much in the winter, as I know that many gardens loose their visual appeal during the winter months, but more during the spring, summer, and fall)?
- Is the garden going to require a lot of maintenance every year?

A couple of side notes: The two chicken coops are already there, I just wanted to put that into the design to see it as a whole. The Lilac tree and raspberry bush are also already in that area.

Finally, what would you recommend using as a mulch? As of right now, we just have a layer of white stone. All of that will be removed, and were going to put some sort of mulch down to protect the plants - any opinions?

*I included a link to the design because the image that was posted on this thread is so small*

Thank you so much for any input you give - it's greatly appreciated!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Congratulations on your new interest in gardening and on working up a plan before planting begins; it's an important first step. Please describe some of the dimensions to help determine if the plant choices and placement are appropriate.

This overhead view is useful, and an elevation view will also be useful, whether a photo of the area or a drawing. You'll probably get lots of questions during this process, please be patient.

As to the mulch question, my personal preference is for organic material. Many cities have greenwaste recycling where you can pick up a truckload of mulch free -- check into it.

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I'll get a picture of the actual area, as well as the dimensions, tomorrow :)

I will also look into the organic material for mulch, thanks!

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