HAVE: Have; Live oak seedlings, Muscadine "Carlos" cuttings

LtlWilli(8)January 13, 2014

Hi, ya'll... I have a lot of nice Live Oak seedlings 6-14 inches tall, and Carlos Muscadine cuttings for rooting in the Spring.
I am looking for apple seedlings, peach sprouts from last year, and any "volunteers" from any productine tres or shrbs and black beries(thornless).

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I would love some muscadine. Any interest in red grapefruit or Japanese plum cuttings?

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Although I was a Certified Texas Nurseryman for years, I never mastered grafting, so I will have to pass...I do appreciate the offer, though.

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i have a satsuma tree
they do have seeds, but the tree is VERY productive and fruit is sweet.i wouldn't mind a muscadine

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I wonder about their tolerance of upper zone 8 temps...That would be my only concern...We are in the teens several times a year here.

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Muscadines978(7, Dalton, Ga.)

Please note: Since these posts are in Jan. the cuttings from Carlos Muscadine must be hard wood cuttings. Don't waist you time on hard wood muscadine cutting they seldom set root, maybe 5% of the time if you are lucky!!
Muscadines are propagated from soft wood cuttings taken in mid summer. Research it. Your research will back my statement, I know, I have tried to prove them wrong many times, but always failed.


Here is a link that might be useful: Muscadines And More

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