Question about 5-1-1 amounts

bigpinksApril 11, 2011

Here comes another tiresome question. I read the thread below about the mix and that 10 gal of PBFs and the other ingredients yields 12 total. That seems like 10=1=1. Did I misunderstand? Sorry because I know this has been repeated a lot but I am new here. I potted two tomatoes yesterday but my ten gal made fourteen if you dig....will that work?

Thanks in advance.

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10 parts fines

2 parts peat

2 parts perlite.

Don't forget to use lime.


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Thats how I mixed it and yes I did include the lime...thanx
very much for your help.

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penfold2(4b, MN)

When you mix the ingredients together the different particle sizes (particularly the fine peat) fill in some of the spaces between the larger particles, so your total volume is less than the sum of the parts. 5-1-1 is still the recommended ratio.

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Thanx for the responses. I have screened over 4 cu ft of mulch and mixed it with the other stuff and I sure was hoping I hadn't messed it up. Got two tomatoes going and they look great...gonna try two bell peppers in a 19 gal tote.

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