HAVE: edibles for other edibles

keiki(10 FL)January 26, 2014

I would like to trade my edibles for yours. I really want rooted plants but will consider cuttings in some cases. I am offering rooted plants or seedlings unless noted otherwise. I also have ornamentals if you have something on my wish list. I can not receive emails through GW so please email me at ladygardener 1 at comcast dot net.


Okinawa spinach perennial
dormant red sugar apple seedling
bombax glabra - excellent nuts once roasted
raja puri banana
ladyfinger banana
Double banana - small
haden mango seedling large
papaya seedling probabaly red lady
variegated pineapple
spanish red pineapple unrooted pups
variegated optunia or nopale pads not rooted
moujean tea cuttings
muscadine carlos cuttings
tropic beauty peach cuttings
Katuk cuttings - at your risk these wilt easily. Will root for later trade if interested.

Wish list:

LSU gold fig
panache fig
donimco's white fig
champagne fig
green ischia fig
black spanish bunch grape
ross sapote
white pakistan mulberry
cudrania tricuspidata or Che
grewoa asiatica
eugenia stipitata or araza
passifloria maliflormis
white sapote
I will also trade for useful things such as knitted items, your canned goods, garden tools, a box of fresh fruit, please feel free to tempt me.

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Just emailed you . Thanks.

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I have a fresh fruit full of seeds from musa velutina aka Pink Banana. I'd be interested in trading for a spanish red pineapple unrooted pup. Let me know if you're interested in a trade.

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