WANTED: Have bamboo to trade

LtlWilli(8)January 18, 2014

I have a variegated-leaf bamboo that grows to about 15' and sheds it's leaves in the winter...Canes are about 1 1/2-2" thick at the base, but they arch too much for fishing poles. They do spread, as I had to bury tin shets around them to keep them from the yard. I would like to trade away some root cutngs and small shoots for the things on my "Plants Wanted" page. If you have nothing there, make a suggestion, please.The variegated leaves are so pretty in the Spring, with the wind blowing thru them. Get back to me if interested.

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I also have Russian Olive cuttings that I can cut off. also, a fruiting pomeganite to prune..Just ask

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I have autumn joy sedum I can send you when it comes up this spring or I can send you some forsynthia bush cuttings. also I have some redhotpokers, lemon balm and lotsa mint! my 11 year old got a start of bamboo years ago but it didn't take off. he loves it. also if anyone wants to trade for houseplant starts im game.

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What yuccas are you looking for I have a few diff ones I could trade

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I am looking for outdoor xeriascape plants for a small cactus garden, so I am pretty much easy to please. Feel free to make a suggestion (I do like any variegated types). Just let me know how much and how big a start you need, and we can go from there.
I do not need succulents, but would not be adverse to setting you all up with a starting of this stuff. Let me know your needs, and i wil see what I can do for you.
Rick in Texas, the land of cowpies and grassburrs.

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I haven't got much. im just really starting over. when my kids were little I didn't work and had my outside and inside plants. then I trotted my happy butt to work at a hospital and nursing homes for about 15 years. between that and juggling basketball baseball and boyscouts I just didn't have time. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 2 years ago and had to leave work soon after. now I have the time but my funds are limited until I get my social security hearing so ill be willing to try anything. I love just about any plant. let me know how much to send you for postage if you can get me started please and thank you.

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Please send me your mailing addy to mosin53@aol.com, and I will gladly supply you with root cuttings to get it started...I am also disabled, so I completely understand your plight....No need for any postage , either... I will absorb that.
All the best regards,
LtlWilli ~ Rick

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Hi Rick!

I'd love a bamboo start! I have some Haworthia fasciata pups that are houseplants here, but I'm guessing they could be used outdoors in a cactus garden. I also have a red-twigged dogwood cutting from last year which is rooted and growing, although I am unsure how it would fare down in your area. sadly, I have nothing on your wish list, as I'm a relative noob.

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I am sorry, but I am at the northern edge of zone 8 and it frequently goes below 20 here. So, it would not work in this cactus garden.
You might want to place a post pointing out your want for bamboo, and mention what you have to trade..You might just get a bite.
Best of luck.

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