what do you think of this plant, mostly flowers, combo?

Mindyw3(5)January 20, 2012

This is for an existing.bed on the west side of the house. Part of it is in shade all day.and the.northern end of it gets strong afternoon sun for a few hours. I'm more interested in what you think of the color and texture of the following, all of which I have:

Arctic iris

Chinese forget me nots

Jamaican forget me nots

White campanula

Lobelia (deep blue)

Delphinium fountains mix

Gartford giants poppies (just on the sunnier end which will be next to purple butterfly bushes.in the front bed. There are red ground cover roses in the front bed also to tie in the poppies. I didn't want it to be too cool or monochromatic. The house is pale yellow with white brick. I would like something more dainty with white flowers but don't have anything that will tolerate the shade. What do you guys think?

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karinl(BC Z8)

The problem with flowers is that most of them bloom for only a short time and often not at the same time. So generally, going with the house is not a problem because the overwhelming impression is usually green :-) That's one reason why I actually don't worry too much about bloom colour when I plant perennials other than to be sure I like the colour. You're right to consider texture as well - you will be looking at that a lot more. Consider overall plant shape/structure as well.

But also, common names are not that good a way to convey what plants you are talking about - I have no idea what some of these are without latin names.

Karin L

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