Bush Bean Question

sharbear50(6a Bella Vista)April 6, 2013

I hope I can get some good advise from all the knowledgeable people here. I am not new to gardening but now I am in South Florida and things are different here. Argh.
1.I want to grow some bush beans in pots. What size pot should I use? Should I use something larger than the 1 or 2 gal landscape pots, like a 5 gal bucket? Or would the pots be ok?
2.Also, I bought some seeds at the local HD store, planted about 10 seeds and only 2 seeds grew. Same problem with the Nasturtium Seeds. Where should I buy good seeds?
3.Should I use any particular type of potting soil? I am just using HD's garden soil for veggies.
Thanks in advance, any help much appreciated.

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Generally garden soil is too heavy for containers, it doesn't drain well, it gets too compact etc.
HD seeds generally germinate just fine for me-how long did you give them?

For bush beans the depth of the container isn't horribly important-you need more square footage on top-so I use Rubbermaid 10 gallon containers-the storage containers-just put drainage holes in them.
I plant about 12 plants in one of those and get a mediocre crop-they don't produce as heavily as pole beans.

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