No Drainage Holes in Pots?

dowbright(z6 in Missouri)April 24, 2012

At our new place, the lady did a lot of gardening. She left a lot of nice pots. I went to plant some radishes and carrots, and discovered the pots have no holes!

I know it gets very hot here in the Ozarks of Missouri. But how did things grow with no holes? I've heard her yard was gorgeous, filled with lots of annuals. But drainage????

I don't get it. Is there something I've overlooked in my reading? Did she have some good reason that I haven't yet learned about but will later regret drilling the holes?

I know this sounds like a silly worry, but she really gardened a lot here, for 26 years! I wonder what she knew that I don't yet.

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susan2010(6 Massachusetts)

Maybe she used them as decorative cachepots? That way you would take the plants in their interior plastic pots out to water and put them back once they had drained through.

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No drainage hole? Bad idea.

The only reason for pots no drainage hole would be containers that look good for display and double as a saucer for draining excess water.

You would put a pot with drainage holes inside of that display pot.

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dowbright(z6 in Missouri)

susan 2010: Nope. I dumped them today to fill with potting soil and amendments and discovered the sopping wet bottoms. The dirt was directly in the pots.

There was no lift-out basket.

jala4260 OK, so she felt they drained. But sometimes it pours here for days. Did she go out during those times to drain water again and again?

Thanks, you guys!

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It can be done, but not recommended. She was probably watering in small sips, but there are lots of issues with this including salt build-up and root rot, and the need to move out of rain. Best to drill drainage holes. Will make everything go much smoother with a lot less maintenance.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Thats why she gave up and left them lol

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