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LynxoApril 5, 2011


I'm new this forum. I have been reading the posts here and everyone is friendly and helpful.

I'm trying some container plants, blueberries, citrus tree's.

lately, I have been having gnat and fly problems. I read this is due to soil being too moist. we have had some

rainy weather and lot of overcast days.

the plants are position in an apartment patio on the west

side. we have not gone into the CA summer yet so sun

is full throughout the day.

My question is regarding compost/mulching. how much to use

and only if that should be done in the spring/summer.

every article I read says to compost or mulch after

the tree/bush is planted. I also added a layer of wood shavings that was used a packaging material for the blueberries. the seller says it is not chemical treated

and it the type used for chicken coup.

I plan to remove few inchs of the top layer to hopefully

get rid of the gnat's.

thanks for your help!

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btw, I'm using E.B. stone Edna potting soil. I add 10-20% perlite to it. I also bought the E.B. compost which I have been using and a bag of the E.B. top seed cover and mulch. I won't use anymore compost or mulch until I can get more info/help.

I'm trying those smart pots so will be switching the plants/trees over soon.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Howdy, and welcome southern neighbor! ;-)

Fungus gnats feed off of decomposing material - organics, such as peat moss, compost, et cetera.

I use quite a few E.B. Stone products to make my mixes - Perlite, Pumice, Decorative Rock, and Bark.
Specifically, I use the fine-grade Orchid Bark, as well as the Greenall Micro Bark.

I'm not quite sure how you're using the compost/mulch?


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Hi Josh,

thanks for the welcome :-)

I just put about 1" of the compost on top. I did use the wood shavings too. Today, I scooped about 1-2" of
the top soil(compost and wood shavings), threw it away.

some of the pots had gnats all over it. I'm probably
over watering since it's still very moist at the top.

that's why I'm wondering if I should only use compost or mulch when I get more sun and little rain.

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