How do I make this look pretty?

aleighjc(7)January 29, 2011

I think this tree on the right is trying to eat our house. LOL! We don't have any pest problems, but you can hear the tree rubbing against the gutter and it's obviously to close to the house. We are going to have it removed and the stump too. I wish I had a better picker. Infront of the tree is a japanese Maple (not sure if there's a dawrf and a regular?) RIGHT next to it, on the right you can't see it but there's a crepe myrtle that is about a foot taller. It is to close to the Japanese Maple. It is exactly where the picture stops.

I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what to do? My first thought it to get the large tree removed along with the crepe mytrle, and then hopefully the Japanese Maple will grow bigger? But it's not that close to the house, what would I put behind it? Should I just put a bunch at the corner of the house? How do I make the front of my home pretty? Thanks for any advice. If needed I can go back outside and try and get a better picture. Since I took this photo I have new lights on each side of the door - a black finish.

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I apologize for the spelling errors, didn't notice them until I reread this for a third time.

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Big tree often offer enough space to horticulture shape.suggest you only sprune it.

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I think once you have removed the trees you will get a better idea of what you want to do. It is amazing how removing the tree will change the light and the look of the garden at the front.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Hi, aleighjc. Here's a workable link to your original photo:

I agree with popi that removing the large tree will make a huge change in how you regard the situation. I took out two 40+ year old silver maples in front of my house last summer, and it was amazing how that increased my ability to understand where I wanted to go with the foundation landscaping and hardscape.

It's difficult to say anything about the smaller trees without seeing more of the yard. Could you take a photo of the entire front yard from farther back (probably across the street)?

What direction does the house face? Do you need trees for shade?

Do you know what the front shrubs are? They seem to be taking their cue from the giant tree, because they're also trying to eat the house, beginning with the windows. Depending what type of shrub they are, you might be able to prune them back. Or if they're something that can't be pruned back so far, you may have to decide between the shrubs and your windows.

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Wow! I just had an acid flashback, thanks ideasshare.

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I would be very careful to study the impact of removing such a big tree before I'd recommend removal. Certainly, a lot of pruning would need to be done at a minimum.

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I think I would want that tree out ASAP. What is the root system doing to the foundation of you house?

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I would prune the large tree and keep the japanese maple as an understorey tree. Japanese maples grow very slowly. I would also add more color to the front of the house. Maybe add rhododendron or azaleas in front of the hedges by the windows. I would also lower the height of the hedges. A magnolia soulangiana would also be beautiful on the lawn.

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abrodie(z6 ON)

Inkognito, you made me laugh til it hurt.


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rosiew(8 GA)

The tree appears to be a leyland cypress. Wrong wrong tree for the spot. Don't believe it could be pruned effectively. Looking forward to a new post with pic of that monster gone.

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