Cloth Strips As Wicks

suburbangardenMD(7)April 24, 2012

I found a thread on here that referenced an experiment someone was conducting with "sleeve" material for drainage pipe as a wick. I also ran across a few posters using mop strings and one or two linking a design of a simple swc using cloth strips tied in a knot, with the knot in the container and the loose end down in the reservoir. has anyone tried this method? If so, any success? I believe I read that a poster had used 4 mop head strings for some cukes and thought 6-8 may be better.

I am having trouble matching up my drain cup size to the gutter reservoir I will be using. I also would like to cut down anything else I need to buy!


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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Has anyone tried this method ? Well I guess so ,if you read about people's experience with them .Cloth does Not last long

I also would like to cut down anything else I need to buy!
Not sure what this means ?

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After I posted that I figured I would get a snarky response or two...I guess thats my first.

Yes I did read about cloth/cotton as a wick, but as you probably know, there is relatively little information regarding wicking methods and results when using alternatives to existing methods. Most of what I found is descriptions of how someone set up their system or what they were testing. There are plenty of posts and sites discussing methods but relative to traditional gardening or even container gardening there is no authoritative figure or standard.

And yes, the more I read, the more I realized a cotton wick may not be the best choice. Like I said, I knew after I posted I left myself open for a critical reply post.

As for "cut down anything else" comment, I was typing from a tablet. I left out a few words there somehow. I was looking to cut cost.

I picked up a drain sleeve for drainage pipe and some nylon rope for experimentation.

Thanks for your helpful response Mr. Dickie....

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