HAVE: Cuttings: Clerodendrum/Rose/Snail Vine

omedusaJanuary 6, 2013

Have following cuttings for trade:

(Cuttings) Red/Purple Glory Bower Clerodendrum delectum

(Plants)Variegated Spider plant Chlorophytum comosum 'Variegatum'

(Cuttings) Bush Rose Fire Red - (don't know the variety, it came with the house, but it's really gorgeous and blooms nearly all year)

(Cuttings) Purple Snail Vine (roots easy in water)

Does anyone know how to root Clerodendrum delectum? I am unable to get them to take in water or damp with hormone. I'd be grateful for a pointer.

I am looking for any cool not so common succulent type cuttings or plants or zone9b suitable

Thank you!!

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Just stick the Clero. cuttings in some sandy mix and keep it moist. I live in NW Florida and my cuttings stay outdoors in the shade - they should be well rooted in about 2 months.

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Thank you for your response kayjones! :)

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