Will lights in garden disrupt anything?

goldenecho(Z8 (Waco TX))February 2, 2013

Are there any vegetables or herbs which would be disrupted by having lights on them at night? I wanted to put in some of those solar garden lights so I could see when I went out to grab some chives for dinner...but I don't want to mess with any of the plants natural cycles (didn't know if that would be a problem).

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

The solar lamps don't put out enough light to cause problems for anything other than attracting some moths and other members of the bug family.


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I have no experience with those solar powered lamps, but I do think my peppers are affected by the street lights. I planted them further away this year and finally had some peppers.

I know this is not the OP's issue, but thought others might click on the topic.

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Only potential problem is that there are some moths who's caterpillars will eat your veggies that can be attracted by the light. You might end up needing to spray them to combat that.

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I have those solar lights all over my yard. They are useful to define the walkways and for decoration. They don't interrupt any of my garden plants or trees. except for the bugs. Nevertheless, it is a good way to attract the bugs so I can suck them with the vacuum.

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If you have toads, they will be happy to hang out near your lights and take care of at least some of the bugs.

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This is true. Toads typically enjoy being in the garden anyway (least around here they do). Last year I had a big old toad that lived at the base of my grape vine, because that spot was mostly in the shade and I kept it well watered and mulched. Whenever I'd come out to water he'd dig out and just have a nice little shower.

Long as you keep the soil fairly loose and fairly well watered, you're likely to have toads move in. Which is good, they'll help you out by eating the bugs.

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