Is this Chaerophyllum bulbosum?

christinmk z5b eastern WAFebruary 1, 2013

Or Turnip rooted Chervil? This was growing in my neighbor's yard last year. Very nice looking plant (kind of want one myself now, whatever it is!). Too bad I didn't take a sniff at the foliage then...might have helped with the ID.

This is sure a hard family to ID! At first my mind led me to Myrrhis odorata, but that is more bush-y and not quite as tall right? I looked up Anthriscus awhile back, but obviously not it. Came across this chervil while looking up various species of Chaerophyllum. Never would have guessed otherwise!

This first pic is of the whole plant (sorry not very clear...)

This is of the stem. I did see a couple online pics of C. bulbosum that had the same powdery purple stems...

Lastly the flowers (although they all look alike in this family really, lol!).

Thanks so much for confirmation or a corret ID if this isn't what I suspect it is. ;-)

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That looks a bit like hemlock or Conium maculatum? Poisonous thing.

The guys at Name That Plant! - GardenWeb forum are a great place if people here can't help.
They are like the zen of plant recognizer.

here is the link.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

You may be onto something with that Conium ceth_k. Never seen it before. Although the pics of the stem on hemlock looks like it is more red-flecked than purple like my plant? It might turn a different color with age, not sure.

Thanks for the link, although I already knew about the forum. I was so sure (not now!) that it was something in the parsley/carrot family that someone on the veggie forum might know more. But thanks!

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