Hey Al, a question for you!?

meyermike_1micha(5)April 3, 2011

I was at the Fafard grave yard the other day and they have pallets upon pallets of the 'nursery mix' which a few of my friends want to try and one bought for me.

Here's the thing. The guy there told us it was 80% pine bark, 10% peat, and 10% perlite.

Well upon looking at the bag ingredients myself this am, it says it is comprised of 80% pine bark and the rest being peat, NO perlite.

Now my friends are asking me, including myself, how much perlite do I/they have to add to make it comprable to the 5.1.1 mix to let's say, 5 parts 'nursery mix'? Do we have to strain the prelite of the dust too?

Thanks in advance!:-)


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Every bag of perlite I've ever bought has contained a large amount of dust and minuscule particles, Mike. Personally, I'd screen it.

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

For sure~ Screen it! I use the insect screen.

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HMM, I'm not Al, but I'd probably just mix in 10% perlite and be done with it.

When I make my 5:1:1, being a lazy lime bean that I am, I don't "bug screen" the Pine bark fines. Seems kind of silly to go through the hastle of screening when I'm adding it right back in with the peat.

So, theoretically what I end up with is probably closer to 5:2:1, but with it I have had great results!

What is an extra 10% amongst friends.
If It really bothers you, put in a wick


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Mike - it has more peat than I'd use (20%), but if you mix the soil 5:1 with perlite, you'll end up with a 4:1:1 ratio, which might be satisfactory to you? I like peat at under 1/6 of the whole, but that's close. It sort of depends on how fine the bark is. You could always add another part or two of pine bark, too.


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I had to check this one out before I retired for the night.

I want it the same way as you would like it Al. So tomorrow I will post a close up picture of the mix and you can tell me if you think it has to many fine particles in it. I do not want to use it or encourage others to until your eyes approve.

There is always the option of sifting out a bit of the peat too..

Thanks so much everyone. I will be back tomorrow with pictures of before and after. Nite:-)


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