Planters for Chain Link Fence

cindylouhoo(6MidTN)April 28, 2008

I'm looking for some containers or pot hangers that I could easily hang from our chain link fence along our back property line. Can anyone provide some links or let me know if you've seen some at Lowe's or Home Depot. TIA!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Hi, Cindy
Copy past this:

to your browser & take a look. Many of the items on the several pages can be easily adapted for use on fabric fences with the use of a piece of wire or two - or using various (s)-hooks or other fasteners commonly found at hardware stores.

Good luck! ;o)


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Randy Ritchie

Hi Cindy,

As I'm renting and would like to fill in the chain link fence a bit where there's no plantings, I was curious also. Found a thing online called hang-a-pot. Use a search engine to find it online. I think you could just use those electrical cable ties, some people call them zip ties, to attach the mechanism to your chain link fence, either along the posts, or on a juncture (the Xs) in the chain link fence. Pretty pricey, IMHO, but worth it if it's what you want.

Let me know and post photos!


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trowelgal(Kansas Zone 5)

Saw this on a garden tour. The gardener got real wild colored totes and purses from a thrift store and planted in those then hung them on the fence. It was really quite clever. There were plants that draped down and short upright plants. Very uniqe and colorful. Also lots cheaper than ordering pots on-line.

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jackstanton(zone 6)

Hello Cindy, I noticed your question about planters for a chain link fence. I was recently awarded a patent for that exact thing. However I have been having problems going to manufacturing. I would really appreciate any comments or advice you (anyone) may have to offer. I feel it is a good idea and may take off with the right help. You can view (some) pictures of it if you "Google"- "Cyclone Fence Planter". (D547235) We may be able to help each other out. Thank you very much, Jack Stanton

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jackstanton(zone 6)

Hello Again All, (Cindy)
I am asking for any comments about this new product. I was awarded a patent last summer and we are pursuing manufacturers at this time. Do you think this is a good idea? Do you think it is worth pursuing? Thank you very much, Jack Stanton

Here is a link that might be useful: Planters for a chain link fence.

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Thanks to all for the suggestions. I don't think our budget is going to allow us to add these to my love of container gardens this spring, maybe next year.
Sorry, Jack, I didn't respond earlier. Congrats on your patent. I'm sure there's a market for that type of container. Are there holes in the bottoms, and can you put the soil directly into the container? I guess my idea was more of the wire basket type containers, but I would guess these would work well for some gardeners. I like to play in the garden and don't really have much gardening experience, so you might broach your questions to those who are more knowledgeable. Have you shown your product to any gardening clubs, or taken them to any home and garden shows for a trial run? Good luck with your product.

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jackstanton(zone 6)

Thanks Cindy. To answer your questions; yes there are holes designed into the planter and we recommend that you put screen or landscaping cloth on the bottom before the soil. We currently have the patent listed on several sites "for sale or license", but no serious offers yet. The Home and Garden shows are too expensive for us at this time but we do intend to visit a few gardening clubs. Thank you very much for the tip. That was a good idea. Jack Stanton

Here is a link that might be useful: Planter for a Cyclone Fence

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mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)

I don't know if they have fleet farm stors where you are, but I saw some feed (or maybe water) buckets there with a flat side so they will hang easily on a fense. They're probably intended for corral fences but I don't see why they wouldn't work on cyclone...and, as I recall, looked to be @ 2-3 gallon in a range of colors...a few holes drilled and you'd be in business.

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I beat these would work too.These are my dollar store find.

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Hey Jack,
Have you ever thought of presenting your idea to QVC. They are a home shopping channel on cable. I'm not sure how you go about it, but I know I have never ever seen something like this sold on QVC(and I shop there alot).I know that they sell many products that have been brought to them from inventers all over the world.You might want to give them a try if you already haven't.

Good luck,

Sherrylynn :-)

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This may not be of any interest to you, but I have a long planter made of heavy wire (shabby chic, like) and I filled it with coconut mat, dirt, and then flowers. I hung this onto my chain link fence with S-Hooks. Works great. The weight of the soil holds it in place. I also have garden junk around and some of it is hung on the fence. Hope this helps a bit

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jackstanton(zone 6)

Thanks Sherrylynn, Yes I did try QVC. I was hopeful at first because they took so long reviewing the planter but then said "no thanks". I appreciate your suggestion and feedback. I'm still trying. Thanks again, Jack Stanton

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Cindy I sent you some pics of an idea I think will work for you,Let me know what you think.Wasn't sure how to put them on here.

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chrisa(Bklyn (z7))

I'd love to know if anyone found a good solution for hanging planters from a chain-link fence rail (not from the chain link wire). I was so surprised to find such a device or planter doesn't really exist. I've got some trailing flowering vines I'd like to hang from the top rail of the chain link fence on 2 sides of my brooklyn rental backyard. I'm afraid simply hanging something from S hooks would leave a heavy container swinging/pressing back against the chain link. The window box type things I've seen online are way to small. I probably want to have these plants in at least 2 gallon containers, and securely fastened enough not to fall or swing in the wind. Anyone come across a good option or solution?

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Jackstaton, Those boxes would be great and I'd definetly buy some to hang from my fence.

I would not buy the plastic ones that were posted. The weight of soil and plant would rip that plastic hook right off the fence.

I have wood fence, chain link, and old farmers fence. I screwed in some L brackets and hung some baskets from the wood fence. I also hung some baskets low from an arbor trellis and zip stripped some netting over it. It might not look great ( can't see the netting at all) but it is doing to do the trick.

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leearnold(z5 In.)

I attached clay pots directly to my chain link fence by running a heavy wire through the drain hole, out the top and bottom and then secured to the fence. then I tied some around the pot just under the rim and secured that. The two pieces kind of form a cross and hold the pot to the fence. Then I filled and planted my pots with a piece of landscape fabric over the hole to keep the dirt in. I think the largest I have is 12 or 14 inches.

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grass_seed(NW IN)

Did you come up with a solution for hanging baskets on a chain link fence? If so, I am interested in it, if not, then I think I have an idea that you might like.

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ttylucas_Hotmail_com - plenty of rail planters narrow and wide.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yard Lover

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I read a lot about fabric to put in the bottom of pots - I always save my old sponges...cut them into smaller pieces and they plug up that hole perfectly.

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susan2010(6 Massachusetts)

I've seen some clever garden walls using those cloth shoe bags. Those would be easy to hang on a fence.

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