My first balcony garden!

squidy(8a)April 15, 2012

Okay, so two years ago I was renting a house and got really into the garden, (a total sty that I worked hard to fix up) but the homeowner had to sell the house so I had to move out. I spitefully gathered a bit of every single thing I had planted (plus some that had already been there) and put them in pots and left them at my mom's house for a year. This year I moved into an apartment with an east-facing balcony, so I brought the pots here and that is what you see below. I am really excited to have them here and be able to watch them grow finally. I took pictures this week so I could compare before and after when they all fill in.

A few of the plants I have are:

various succulents (any that will grow outdoors here)


two kinds of mint

flowering plum tree

deodar cedar tree



sword fern

bleeding heart


scotch broom (a really neat one with very light yellow flowers)


geranium (I think) with very good-smelling leaves

various groundcover and small flowers

Behold my ghetto pot-holders! Made from "wire storage cubes" and very secure with numerous 75lb zip ties.

I'm proud of this hanging basket, it turned out nice.

Foresty-looking corner.

I do not know what kind of vine is in the big pot, it was mislabeled. I hope it gets big and leafy. (The corner is a bit sad at the moment.) It's in bright shade, mostly. Do mystery vines do well in bright shade?

I'll post more pictures as everything grows.

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That looks like a clematis to me (the mystery vine in the large black pot) - hard to tell; do you have close-up?
If it is clematis, it may want some sun, but not scorching early afternoon. Usually it is warmer by the wall, so it may be ok there.
Roots should be shaded, what is plant growing in same pot?
It would also need some kind of trellis to climb up on.

Try to get close-up to try to ID it.

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Great job! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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Here's a close-up of the vine:

The plant with it is a geranium I'm pretty sure. There's a violet in there too that will grow up and cover the roots a bit. But the sun doesn't really reach down there anyway.
And yes, I plan to get/make a trellis before the vines get too long. :D

Will it be okay if it only gets direct sun in the morning? (Not sure for how long, haven't had the chance to time it yet..) It's pretty bright there for most of the rest of the day too, but it's indirect.

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Here is what my garden looks like at this moment! Much greener than before. But I still haven't moved all my plants outside.

I love the foxglove!

Started a tiny water garden.

Hoya buds opening. (This one is inside, actually.)

PS The vine turns out to be a honeysuckle! It's getting little tiny buds on it.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Looks great! I also love that you have a tiny banana plant in there. So cute! :)

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suprneko(9b/sunset 16 NorCal, S. Bay)

I love it! Great use of wire storage cubes, that's my favorite part. :)

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Yes, I love my little banana plant, it is growing so fast. :) Well, it was growing faster inside because it's warmer, but the tree in front of its window started filling in so I put it out where it would get more light. It should speed up again as it gets warmer outside. (It's still getting into the 40s at night.)

And thank you suprneko! I am proud of my storage cube planter, it is working very well so far.

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naejakire(Oregon 8b)

What an interesting garden! I especially love the digitalis and the water garden. Keep it up! And I do agree the wire cubes are a great idea.

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