Would love some suggestions for Fenceline garden

superkaz661February 19, 2011

Hey all-

Im currently living in a rental house in Northern Virginia, and need some suggestions as to how to plant the fenceline garden at the rear of the house. The garden itself is about 35 feet wide by around 3 feet deep.

Unfortunately, the garden is in fairly heavy shade (it gets a lot of indirect light as the canopy above is high--but maybe an hour at best of dappled light in the sumer). I say this is unfortunate as Im a color freak.

If possible, I'd like to do a simple 2 tier. For the front, I'm thinking that I'll probably do impatiens of begonias, but I'll have quite a few impatiens around the rest of the yard, so I'll maybe do the latter.

I'm really in need of something fairly tall that I can use for the rear tier. The neighbor behind doesn't take terribly good care of his yard, so anything that can at least block some of the "view" is welcome. I was thinking of a fragrant tobacco, but I dont know if they will do well in this amount of shade. Ive never tried them before, but I sure do like the idea of a tall, fragrant, full season bloomer.

Anyone else have some ideas?

The two last caveats are, as it is a rental property, Im likely looking for annuals, as I haven't the time to wait for anything to mature. And lastly, again as a rental, I cant plop down a sizeable amount of change on tubers or pre-grown plants. Seeds would be my first choice.

Can anyone thread the shady, inexpensive, colorful, fragrant, fast maturing needle? :)

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Updated with image. While there is some sun on the area in the picture, its only because it was early in the morning. Further, as the trees fill in, and the sun moves a little more towards its summer position in the sky, there will be even less. It may get about an hour of direct sun from maybe 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning, so if that helps with anything great.

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Well, one suggestion is to do a search for shade loving or shade tolerant annuals. My shade beds have mainly shrubs. Columbine is easy to grow but most of the stuff you will find I think won't be very tall. I am going to suggest some fast growing shrubs. I bet you can find them cheaply. You might even ask the landlord/lady to chip in, telling them you will do the planting. Lorapetalum is very pretty, mine grows fine in lots of shade. You can find these small at the big box stores in the garden center. There is a purplish one and a green one. You could mix them. Mahonia is another lovely shade plant which is evergreen and has berries. Very nice. You can probably find one for $12. I have planted astilbe which is pretty but dies down in winter. I bought mine in the bulb section of the store, I guess it's a root you plant, but you can find these on sale often. Camellias are gorgeous, evergreen, and flower in fall or winter. I find mine on sale, you can buy the small ones like 1 gallon pots, again maybe for $12.

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