HAVE: Bartlet Pear Cuttings?

palazzophoto(8)January 9, 2014

I have what i am 99% sure are Bartlet pear cuttings, they were trimmed by the utility company from my neighbors tree and i asked the worker to throw them over the fence to me rather than mulch them....The tree is own its own and produces ample fruit without a pollinator. I will inquire with my neighbor when i get the chance to see if they know for sure what cultivar it is.

Check out my page,
im looking for cuttings of:

kaki persimmon

the lower the chill hours the better, for zone 8b

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I have:
Fuyu and Sojia Persimmon cuttings,
Moorpark Apricott cuttings,
Shinko and Hosui Asian Pear cuttings,
Stella Cherry cuttings,
Anna Hardy Kiwi cuttings,
Celestial Fig cuttings,
Brown Turkey Figs and
Elberta Peach cuttings.

I would like to trade your choice of these cuttings for about three (3) Bartlett Pear.

Cuttings will be taken when the weather permits and stored in ziplick bags in a refrigerator until mailed. Grafts are intended to be made in the early spring.

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Did you get my last email?

I am interested in a couple cuttings of each of these:

Fuyu and Sojia Persimmon cuttings,
Moorpark Apricott cuttings
Stella Cherry cuttings

I have plenty of Bartlett pear cuttings, i do not have any Chicago Hardy figs. I have many other fig varieties, mostly unknowns that i have collected from large mature trees that produce good fruit. These are all rooted in 4x9 plastic bags, ready to go in 1 gallon pots. I also have a lot of pomegranate cuttings.

Let me know what you want and i will make it happen. thanks

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