small backyard play area ideas needed

M_N_AFebruary 14, 2014

Our backyard is rather small, about 80' wide and 20' deep
in the center 35' or so we plan to have patio for outdoor dining and entertaining, on one side about 30' we plan to have some plant.

And on the other side about 15' x 20', right outside of the kitchen window, we plan to make it a small play area for our toddler.

What would be a good idea
- play structure. but they're usually much bigger. is there some compact ones?
- sand box. our girl loves sand but someone just said that cats and animals might come and do some business. yikes. plus, sands always gets everywhere, even our car is full of sand despite all shaking and patting
- trampoline. how long would kids love it?

and what kind of surface would be kid and wallet friendly and low maintenance? mulch, shredded rubber, artificial grass, grass...?

thanks for your suggestions

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I would probably put grass. Your toddler's needs and size will change quite rapidly. Here is just an example I googled and I bet you could find something like this used on ebay or at a yard sale. I like this one because the kid can make a house underneath. Kids are happy even with a big cardboard box! A little play lawnmower or baby stroller, a basketball goal or just a rubber ball. You could still have a small raised sand container, as long as it has a lid to keep the cats out. Your toddler could shovel it around or hide little toys in the sand. Of course in warm weather there is also the little toddler pools and give him/her some plastic dishes and spoons. That is hours of fun! Don't forget the sunscreen! Grass would work for all of this. Have fun!

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