Step down step up concrete nightmare

polkadottedsockFebruary 17, 2013

Not sure what the previous owner was thinking. This concrete looks like it was poured all at once so the addition on the house is actually part of the same pad, so I don't want to tear it out. I recycled the old ceiling of the patio and used it as a new wood floor, just floated it over the concrete pad. I'm going to finish it out to the edge of the slab with a trim piece so you won't see the raised slab at all. My question is this. Does anyone have any ideas on how to eliminate the step down from the patio into this small concrete area between the house and the yard. I believe the step is about 4 inches down, a very awkward step, before stepping up onto the yard. I think they raised the yard so the water wouldn't run into the back of the house??? maybe?. I was thinking about putting down pebble stones to bring it up to the level of the patio floor. You wouldn't necessarily be walking long ways across it just using it as a transition to get into the yard. It's also not even all the way across. There is a hump in it about midway where you see the back of the house start. Any opinions on how to remedy this situation are appreciated. :)

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I would NOT fill any portion of the "trench" with "pebbles." The most important consideration will be drainage. Does water enter this area ever, and if so, how does it get out? How will water stay out from under the new wood floor? The picture does not indicate what grade in the vicinity might be doing so it's not possible to give much advice. Need a wider view and more explanation. It looks as if the wood floor might have exacerbated the problem, if not been secondary in creating it.

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